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Fishing Reports


DATE:    Tuesday 15th April.
NOTABLE CATCH:    10+ for G Hart-T Taylor-D Flitcroft-D Forrest-R Newbolt-C Gibbons-B Fitzpatrick-R Coburn.
NOTABLE BAG:    5 fish weighing 13lb 8oz for T Fryer.
BEST RAINBOW:    Several weighing 4lb 8oz.
BEST BLUE:    2lb 9oz for Dave Flitcroft.
BEST BROWN:    6lb for Ricky Newbolt.
BANK ROD AV:     6.60 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:    7.75 fish per angler.

The weather was great today with wall to wall sunshine and not too much wind although the breeze did make it feel cool at times. Despite the sun and sneaky wind there were lots of good catches made from the bank and the boats. On the bank today was Graham Hart who had a super day landing into double figures. Grahams best spot was Hartleys where he found the trout eager to take a bloodworm fished on a floating line. Tim Taylor also had great sport roving the bank between 2 trees and Bell point where he found diawl bach effective, once again on a floating line. Keith Landless fished around the 2 trees area where all his 8 fish fell for buzzers. Dave Flitcroft was another bank angler to hit double figures from Bell point where he fished a black nymph on a floating line. All the best bank catches fell to various nymphs and buzzers on a floating line. Lets see how the boats fared. Dan Forrest had a great day with washing lined olive buzzers and diawl bach off both gull and willow islands with browns blues and rainbows all being netted. Ricky Newbolt enjoyed great sport up in the northern shallows where his best tactic was a black cats whisker on an intermediate line. Included in Rickys catch was a belting 6lb brownie, nice. Another boat angler into double figures was Colin Gibbons who like others found his best fly to be a diawl bach, once again a floater being the most effective line with the causeway and the northern shallows his best areas. Bob Fitzpatrick was another successful boat angler with various nymphs tacking his haul. He drifted all over the lake but found an abundance of trout up in the northern shallows and the causeway. The northern shallows was also the best area for Robert Coburn as this is where he caught the majority of his trout. A floating line and black buzzer was his best tactic. Nice to see so many good catches made in the sunshine. See you on the water Paul.

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DATE:                            Friday April 11th
NOTABLE CATCH:    5 fish for Tony Dryden
NOTABLE BAG:        5 fish for 11lbs 4oz Tony Dryden
BEST RAINBOW:     3lbs oz for Steve Lowe
BEST BLUE:               3lbs oz for Steve Lowe
BEST BROWN:          2lbs oz for Steve Lowe
BANK ROD AV:    2.1 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:    3.3 fish per angler
It was a quiet day here at Stocks with just a couple of boats out and a few bank anglers. It was very bright all day but the strong has finally disappeared. The rod from the boats was Tony Dryden with five fish all taken on buzzers from Newclose bay. On the shore everyone was on a half day ticket. The top rod was Steve Lowe whose bag included a brown, a blue and a rainbow. The Stocks Mcnab. He caught his fish from Bell Point on a white fritz lure. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE:                              Sunday April 13th
NOTABLE CATCH:      10+ Fred Bainbridge & Neil Thomas
NOTABLE BAG:            5 fish for 17lbs 8oz
BEST RAINBOW:         8lbs 9oz for Neil Thomas, 8lb+ Mike Laycock
BEST BLUE:                  3lbs for Simon Reid
BEST BROWN:              2lbs 6oz for John Osbaldaston & Ashley Horsley
BANK ROD AV:           1.8 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:           4.6 fish per angler

Sport: Today we had two competitions on the water; the first to get under way was the Horwich and district anglers’ annual bank match. 15 anglers walked the shores in the hunt for feeding trout however finding fish wasn’t the issue it was getting decent presentation in the strong southerly wind. It made certain hot spots very difficult to fish and many anglers seeked for the sheltered areas.
In first place was Brian Grey who caught five trout for 10lbs 5oz from Grindy’s Lawn. Great angling in tricky conditions.
In second place was Keith Lowry who caught four trout including a nice blue trout from Davy Jones. Keith’s best pattern was dawson’s olive.
The best fish was a rainbow of 3lbs 4oz and was caught by Stephen Whittle. Well done fellas it great to see you all again.
The second match to get underway was the 2014 Northern Eliminator, which saw 20 anglers all bidding for the 2015 English Loch Style Team. They were certainly tested out there today, the Northern end of the reservoir was especially rough, but they weren’t perturbed and between them they caught a very impressive 109 rainbows, browns and blues.
In first place was Fred Bainbridge, who after taking a break from the event was straight back into winning form. Fred caught 13 trout from Phil’s Flats and various other spots around the reservoir. He was steadily stripping a black and olive double, a cormorant and a cat booby. This is the 7th time that Fred has won this event which is some achievement. Brilliant fishing Fred.
In Second place was Mark Tyndall just three fish behind with ten fish. Mark fished a Di3 line a booby and red headed cormorants. He caught most of his fish from the Southern end of Gull Island.
In third place with eight fish including a cracking 8lb 9oz rainbow was Neil Thomas. It was Neil’s first fish of the day, talk about getting off to a good start! (see pics below)
We don’t know just how many anglers will qualify for the final, probably the top six or so, but I listed the top ten below.
Best of luck to all those who make the final.
The strong wind is due to disappear tonight and the week ahead looks much better.
Tight Lines Ben

NAME                            NO. FISH    BEST FISH    BAG WGHT    BONUS    TOTAL
1st    Fred Bainbridge    13                  2lb 12             10lb 8               16lb        26lb 8
2nd    Mark Tyndall       10                  2lb 10             10lb 12            10lb        20lb 12
3rd    Neil Thomas           8                  8lb 9 (5lb)      13lb 15               6lb        19lb 15
4th    Doug Oldfield         8                  2lb 9                 11lb 4                  6lb       17lb 4
5th    Tom Speak               8                 3lb 1                 11lb 3                   6lb       17lb 3
6th    Scott Nellins           8                 2lb 7                10lb 13                 6lb       16lb 13
7th    Mike Laycock        6                 4lb 8                 12lb 4                   2lb       14lb 4
8th    Chris Guthrie         6                 3lb 1                  11lb 12                2lb        13lb 12
9th    Andy Cliff                6                 2lb 6                 10lb 5                  2lb         12lb 5
10th    Ben Bayliss           6                 2lb 12              10lb 1                   2lb         12lb 1

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DATE                            Saturday April 12th  Report by Ben
BEST CATCH            10 trout for George Ashton
BEST BAG                   5 trout for 10lbs 15oz George Ashton
BEST RAINBOW       4lbs 8oz Mr? 3lbs 12oz Steve Meynell
BEST BROWN            8lbs Steve Smalley
BEST BLUE                3lbs for Felicity
BANK AVERAGE      1.5 Fish per angler
BOAT AVERAGE      2.3 Fish per angler

Sports: The air temperature dropped today and the wind picked up so not surprisingly it affected the rod average for the day. It was great to see Jose and the Civil Service fishing their regional match. 19 anglers took to the water and, although the conditions were tough going, they caught 45 trout between them. Top of the pile was George Ashton who caught 10 trout on hot head damsels and olive nomads tight into the trees along the Northern Shallows. Good angling George
In second place was Ashley Robertson with 8 fish, Ashley caught on similar patterns around Willow Island and the Northern Shallows.
In third place was Alan Turner with trout on boobies fished deeper down. I look forward to seeing some of you guys again in a few weeks.
Most boat anglers had their efforts rewarded today with a fish or two and some with a few more than that. Steve Smalley caught a beautiful 8lb brownie see the picture below.
There were fish taken from quite a lot of different places today but probably the best areas were, Bell Point, The Northern Shallows, Newclose Bay and Hollins. Some of the best patterns were damsels, holographic diawl bachs, black tadpoles and Black buzzers. Tight lines Ben

Steve Smalley with a marked 8lb brownie. Double click to enlarge

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DATE:                             Friday April 11th
NOTABLE CATCH:     10+ Ricki Newbolt & Adam Larbelestier,
BEST RAINBOW:        6lbs 8oz for Dave Hitchen
BEST BLUE:                  3lbs 12oz for Andrew Wadsworth
BEST BROWN:             5lbs 12oz for Frank Thomson
BANK ROD AV:          2.5 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:          4.7 fish per angler
Sport: The wind today started from the east and then swung around to a south-westerly by the afternoon. It remained light all day so it was a good day for nymphing.
The top rod from the boats however was Ricky Newbolt who fished over the Northern Shallows with an intermediate line and a gold headed olive damsel pattern. Ricky found most of his fish lying deep and said that a slow retrieve was essential. Ricky caught steadily all day.
Adam Larbelestier also had a good and caught fish from all over the Northern end of the reservoir as did Dermot Speight. Unfortunately I’m not sure what his tactics were. Sorry.
From the boats, we also saw good catches from Grindy’s Lawn and Curry’s Cast. The best patterns were cormorants, damsels and buzzers.
On the shore we saw some good fish taken, Dave Hitchen had a new PB rainbow of 6lbs 8oz on an orange lure fished on an intermediate line, Frank Thomson had a lovely 5lb 12oz brownie on a cormorant fished on a floating line and Andrew Wadsworth took the best blue of the day on a black buzzer. (see pics below)
The top rod from the shore was Antoon Gysbers who fished for just 3 hours to take five trout and play another two. He took all his fish on either red holographic or green holographic diawl bachs.
The best areas were Bell Point, Ben’s Beach, Hartley’s and Hollins Bay. Tight Lines Ben (double click the pics below to enlarge)

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DATE:    Thursday 10th april.
NOTABLE CATCH:    10+ for Stuart Morgan- several anglers caught 9 fish.
NOTABLE BAG:    5 fish weighing 12lbs 12oz for Stuart Gardener.
BEST RAINBOW:    7lbs for Stuart Morgan.
BEST BLUE:    Several weighing 3lb.
BANK ROD AV:    7.25 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:    5.33 fish per angler.

It was a nice day here at Stocks with cloud cover at times but feeling quite warm. The wind picked up at times but apart from that it was a nice spring day. There were some good catches made from the bank and the boats, here are a few of them. Fishing the bank at Bell point was Ged Oxley who caught 9 trout. Ged caught on both a black and green nomad and a cats whisker. Also landing 9 fish was Ray Mercer who found his fish in Hollins bay. Brendan Ginty caught his 8 fish from Bell point with a black and green fritz lure on an intermediate line being his best tactic. D Coupe caught his 6 fish in Hollins but he did say he had lots of action without the fish hooking up. Andrew Wilson found an olive nomad and buzzers his best tactic landing 7 fish from Hollins bay and next to the jetty. Stuart Gardener was another successful bank angler landing 9 fish from Hollins bay and two trees. Stuart took his fish on both Montana and bibio. On a boat today was John Sykes who also caught 9 fish. Johns best area was amongst the willows on the east bank with cats booby working well for him. Stuart Morgan brought 10 + fish to his boat from the northern end of the lake with boobys on a slow glass line being effective for him. See you on the water.

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DATE:    Wednesday April 9th
NOTABLE CATCH:    10+ fish for Derek Moore, Ken Whiteside, E. Smith
NOTABLE BAG:    3 fish for 16lbs for Gareth Jones
BEST RAINBOW:    10lbs oz for Gareth Jones
BEST BLUE:    3lbs oz for Mr Sixsmith
BANK ROD AV:    5.9fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:    5.3fish per angler

Bright and breezy best describes today, after the thin drizzle cleared away that is.

The majority of today’s anglers enjoyed good catches with a couple of specimens coming to the boat for Gareth Jones, catching a specimen brown trout  and a rainbow each of over 10lbs. Blues were landed in numbers also, this we can put down to the generous stocking that’s taken place this week where the blues have been found to patrol the margins close by the lodge, ie between Hollins Bay and Bell Point. Come and cast a line and find out for yourself!

The most productive methods, whether on boat or bank, have been fishing combinations of lures and/or boobies, with both wet and dry lines. Looking at the temperatures forecast for next week and beyond, however, it appears that large hatches and buzzer ‘frenzies’ are not far away……… watch this space.

Congratulations to Gareth who now joins the Stocks’ doubles club; landing two doubles in one session is an achievement in itself but when one of each (rainbow and brownie) is brought to the boat that must go down as a memorable day.

The winter ‘drought’ at Grindy’s appears to have been broken today. Rob Shelton landed four good fish in the dam area today which means Spring is upon us, thanks for your perseverance in finding fish in what’s normally a difficult spot early in the season Rob.

Apologies to Phil Davies for not publishing pictures of your fine 12lb brown trout caught yesterday; I ‘lost’ the pics, doh!

See you soon,   Nick.

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DATE:    Tuesday 8th April.
NOTABLE CATCH:    6 fish for Neil Ashworth
NOTABLE BAG:    2 fish weighing 16lbs for Phil Davies.
BEST RAINBOW:    4lbs 8oz for Neil Ashworth.
BEST BROWN:    12lbs for Phil Davies
BANK ROD AV:    4.25 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:    1.66 fish per angler.

Today we saw sunny intervals but the wind made things feel a bit cool and hampered drifting boats. Tom Speak boat fished and found fish in Hollins bay and in Newclose bay. Gerry Brewer caught his fish from Hollins bay after braving the wind on Bell point. Gerry caught his fish on a floating line and black tadpole. Neil Ashworth took a hike round to Newclose bay where his 6 fish catch was taken on a floating line and a black buzzer. Fishing in barn quarry and Hollins bay was Phil Davies who landed some good fish with his best being a super brownie that tipped the scales to 12lb! Phil caught his fish on a cats whisker and buzzers, good angling! Bit too cold and windy today. See you on the water.

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DATE:    Monday April 7th
BANK ROD AV:    3.5 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:    5.0 fish per angler
Just a quick report tonight as the weather kept most away today. Norman Walker and Peter Clough fished a half day ticket from the shore. They fished from two trees to Bell Point using  floating lines with ‘cat variant’ lures and landed 7 trout between them. Peter’s catch included a lovely overwintered brownie of over 2lbs some good rainbows.
On the boats Mark Tyndall took 5 trout on a medium sinking line and a mixture of cormorants and mini lure. The weather looks to improve dramatically mid week so hopefully there will be a lot more to report. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE:    Sunday April 6th
NOTABLE CATCH:    10+ Jim Pickford AND Ray Sanders
BEST RAINBOW:    3.5 lbs oz for Ray Sanders
BANK ROD AV:    2.4 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:    5.4 fish per angler

With heavy rain powered by a stiff breeze today was quiet for a Sunday at Stocks. Boat anglers fared better than bank anglers today although all described the fishing as ‘hard,’ as is often the case after heavy rain which we certainly had throughout last night.

Jim Pickford and Ray Sanders found the key to a good score fishing a small cats. Their most productive area was the Northern Shallows where the drift took them directly into the willows each time, the majority of their fish being found at the end of the drift as they were tight up on the trees.

On the bank people had mixed success. Anthony Lydiate chose to stay within the relative shelter of Hollins Bay fishing a booby with a DI5 line, his reward being a respectable 7 fish which Anthony describes as fighting like ‘flip’. David Jones with bank partners Olivia and Ella Baxendale, diverted from their planned day on the river, chose to take a walk on the East Bank. David’s experience of Stocks told him that shelter would be found on the east side and the party landed two fish in the marvellous Blackhouse Bay. Blackhouse and casts either side are seldom visited from the bank but do hold fish and a good day can be enjoyed as the trio proved today. Well done guys and see you next time.

Tight lines, Nick.

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