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Fishing Reports


Sport: 16th-19th August. After the super warm sunshine we have had for weeks there has been a definite drop in the temperatures especially at night. It would seem this has in turn cooled the water as we are seeing more and more good catches being recorded. Dennis Doogan fished the other day and caught a total of 11 trout. Dennis fished around Bell point with a floating line and a team of wet flies with a gosling being his best pattern. Antoon Gsybers only fished for a couple of hours this morning and landed 8 fish with his best being a 4lb 8oz rainbow. Antoon also found Bell point to be his best spot with both daddies and diawl bach taking trout. Derek Moore and Bob Fitzpatrick drifted all over the lake today taking fish in all areas from the dam down to the northern shallows and everywhere in between finishing with a total of 23 trout between them. Derek caught the majority of his fish on a cormorant whilst Bob found a red holo cruncher to be his best pattern. Hopefully the weather will behave and we will see more good catches being recorded. See you on the water Paul.

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DATE:                                   Week ending Friday 15th
REPORT AUTHOR           Ben
NOTABLE CATCH:         10 fish for James Nixon
NOTABLE BAG:               5 fish for 12lbs 12oz for Mr Rove
BEST RAINBOW:             4lbs 6oz Mr Tattersall
BEST BLUE:                       2lbs 12oz for Ricky Newbolt
BEST BROWN:                  2lbs Mr Edwards
BANK ROD AV:               1.95 fish per man
BOAT ROD AV:                2.31 fish per man
Sport: The weather this week has kept all but the hardiest of anglers away. Today was the first day with decent conditions for fishing. This is reflected in the rod average. The water level has started to rise once again; it came up about 18 inches over Monday and Tuesday. Usually when this happens the trout start feeding over the newly flooded ground in margins on drowned terrestrials and on mountain minnows and this year has been good for both. At the moment though there are still plenty of trout out in open water. Today there were plenty rising for small black buzzers but you had to land the fly right on their noses to get a take. Gary Towers and Karl Frew got amongst them with black klinkhammers, yeollow owls they only landed 3 fish but between them they played another dozen. They just could get them to the net. They also had interest to black and gold humongous fish tight in. Their best area was Black House Bay and the east bank near David’s drain where they said there were loads of trout rising until the wind picked up.
Unfortunately I cannot report on the best catch of James Nixon and D Nixon who had 16 trout between them other than to say they caught at The Dam.
From the shore Diawl bachs have been most consistent with good catches coming from Bell Point and Hollins Point. Buzzers have taken some nice fish from the alders and Mr Haughton took 4 good trout from Newclose on a mosaic lure.
The water temperature is cooling down now and with plenty more fish going in over the next few days, the sport should start to pick up dramatically.
Bank House Fly Fishery is currently fishing well to buzzers, bloodworm and yellow dancers and when the conditions suit, small black dries take some beating. Tight Lines Ben

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Sport: Thursday 7th August. After a cool start this morning it didn’t take long for the sun to burn through and we had a super warm summer day. A number of fish were caught today with various flies and tactics taking fish. Ken Whiteside fished the bank today and lost more hooked fish than were landed, Ken said he had loads of offers but the fish would not stick. Other anglers said the same thing including Mick Glancey who also hooked and lost more than were landed, Mick had lots of trout up to his midas dry fly. Jim Baron caught a few fish whilst fishing the bank at 2 trees and Hollins point with an olive cats whisker on an intermediate line being his best tactic. The best boat today was Peter Andrews and Stuart McCahie who netted 5 fish with dries and sinking line working but their best tactic was to washing line diawl bach. A few fish being caught but many more hooked and lost. Tomorrow they will stick. Ben stocked again today. See you on the water Paul.

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Sport: Tuesday 5th August. A day of 2 halves with the weather, warm and bright and sunny this morning and warm and overcast this afternoon. After the good catches of yesterday the trout proved a bit tricky today although there were a few fish caught. One angler said when the cloud came he started to get some action. Other anglers said they saw plenty of rising fish around the dam which has been the case recently. A mix of patterns caught today including Montana, pink booby and the ever popular cats whisker with fish being caught in blackhouse bay, the northern shallows and up by the dam. My good friend Bob was up the other day and caught 6 fish with plenty of other chances whilst drifting from the dam right down into the main basin. All bobs trout fell to red and green holo diawl bach whilst washing lining on a floating line, interesting to note none of his fish took the booby on the point. Ben made another stocking this morning. There is a bit of rain forecast over the next day or two so we should get plenty of cloud cover. Very easy to go under them. See you on the water Paul.

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DATE: Monday August 4th
NOTABLE CATCH: 10+ trout Phil Davies, 9 for Jo Halton
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 18lbs Phil Davies
BEST RAINBOW: 5lbs+ for Phil Davies
BEST BLUE: 3lbs for Ricky Newbolt
BANK ROD AV: 4.3 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 1.8 fish per angler
Sport; After a weekend of normal weather (torrential rain and high winds) it was good to return to the great summer weather we’ve all been getting used to but everything’s a little fresher. Quite and few fished today and it was most definitely the day of the bank angler as the averages above reflect.
Again the dam ‘arm’ produced the majority of today’s fish and predominantly they came to buzzers and wets. In open water daddys and hoppers were catching dryfly for those on boats, as did buzzers. Mr Shears, however, broke from the majority at the dam and tucked his boat into the back corner of Newclose Bay, enjoying the solitude and peace he caught 3 fine trout on buzzers in his last hour of fishing.
And Finally:-
Sad news was received at the fishery today. Charlie Mitchell has died after a long illness. Charlie was a regular angler at Stocks, very well liked and respected. He fished for several of the Stocks teams and will be remembered fondly by those that knew him on or off the water.



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DATE: Thursday 31st July and Friday 1st August
NOTABLE CATCH: 4 trout for Ron Melling and Andy Galbraith
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 5lbs 8oz S Blake
BEST RAINBOW: 4lbs+ for Andy Galbraith
BEST BLUE: 3lbs for SBlake
BEST BROWN: 2lbs 10oz for R Martin
BANK ROD AV: 1.8 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 3.5 fish per angler
Sport: The Rod averages are creeping up albeit slowly. Temperatures have dropped and cloud cover has increased, surely this is no coincidence.
The majority of fish being caught are between the main basin and the dam wall. Predominantly on dries for the boatmen and a mixture of dries, lures and wets for those on the bank. Interesting is that that the dam wall itself is fishing very well to bank anglers using buzzers…..
Very wet and going home.
See you up here soon.



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DATE: Wednesday 30th July
NOTABLE CATCH: 8 trout for Phil Davies, 7 to the boat for Brian and James Dryden
NOTABLE BAG: 3 fish for 6lbs 3oz James Dryden
BEST RAINBOW: 3lbs for several
BEST BLUE: 2lbs 3oz for Phil Davies
BANK ROD AV: 5.5 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 1.4 fish per angler
Sport: Grey and overcast with drizzle hanging in the air and a light breeze from the west giving a text book ripple………….. Together these changes provided hope that there would be an immediate improvement in sport. By noon the sun was out again and the rest of the day brightened as each hour passed. All hopes were not entirely lost with the sun’s reappearance however, and fish were caught. Definitely a better day than of late.
Bank anglers chose the dam and Grindy’s Lawn area and it paid off with buzzers and traditional wets catching very well. Phil Davies had all 8 of his fish on buzzers in quite shallow water commenting that he should have had 16 but for all the takes that he missed.
Best boat pair of the day were local rods, father and son Brian and James Dryden who had 7 to the boat once they finally cracked the method, fishing cats whisker high in the water with a rapid retrieve.
Cooler and cloudier is the forecast for the days ahead so hopefully we’ll see the rod averages continue to rise.


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DATE: Monday July 28th
NOTABLE CATCH: 3 trout Matthew Bracewell
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 5lbs Matthew Bracewell
BEST RAINBOW: 3lbs+ for Matthew Bracewell
BANK ROD AV: 1.0 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 0.5 fish per angler
Sport: Hot and bright summer days with very little wind have made for very difficult fishing lately. The same applies for most other waters so this will be of no surprise. Fish stocking continues at the usual levels at Stocks so once there’s a change in the weather we should see some excellent catches. Bank House is algae free and fishing well to buzzers, dancers and damsels when bright, with dries fishing well in the evenings and when overcast.
Back on Stocks Matthew Bracewell, aged 8 yrs showed his Grandpa how it’s done catching 3 good fish including a 3lb+ rainbow with a boobie sunk using a DI7 line, finding fish at depth in the dam area. Well done Matthew!
Note: Approaching Stocks from Clitheroe there are bridge repairs in Newton so please follow the diversion signs from Waddington taking the alternative route to Slaidburn via Grindleton. The diversion adds about 5 minutes to the normal journey time. Hoping for cooler temperatures…..



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DATE: Sunday 20th-Tuesday 22nd July.
NOTABLE CATCH: 7 fish for Rudolph-5 fish for Ron Melling.
BEST RAINBOW: 4lbs+ for Rudolph.
BEST BLUE: Several weighing 3lb.
BANK ROD AV: 1.00 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 1.04 fish per angler.
Sport: The very hot and bright weather has continued over the last few days and has impacted on the fishing as is usual under such conditions but there has still been a few fish about. I was out myself the other day and after trying sinking lines at various depths with little success a change to drys turned the day around, even in such hot bright conditions. Had there been any cloud cover both me and Rob felt we could have had some great sport. Rudolph fished the other day and caught 7 fine trout with 2 trees being his best spot. He fished a floating line with a bumble pattern on his top dropper and dabblers and wet flies on middle and point. Ron Melling fished on Monday in the hot bright conditions and stuck with dry flies and was rewarded for his efforts with 5 trout. Rons fish came later in the afternoon as the sun dropped a bit with the dam area being his best spot. A black sedge hog was his best pattern. See you on the water.

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DATE:                                     Friday 18th July.
REPORT AUTHOR             Ben.
NOTABLE CATCH:            6 fish for Ian Gaskell
NOTABLE BAG:                 5 fish weighing 12lb 0oz for John Hood
BEST RAINBOW:               4lb 1oz for Richie Kelly
BEST BLUE:                         3lb 7oz.
BOAT ROD AV:                  2.31 fish per angler.
Sport: Today was the final day of The Lexus Championships with six teams of six anglers easterly winds. The trout were tricky to catch but were lying very high in the water. Two tactics emerged either dries or boobies and wets stripped backed through the surface on a floating line.
The best areas were the Causeway, Cook’s Creek and the Willows across to Gull Island and the Northern Shallows.
Ian Gaskell was the top individual catching six trout on two cats boobies stroked back on a floater. The second individual was John Hood with five trout caught on dries and I was third using tequila boobies, midas and midget gems.
However this was not and individual event it was all about team consistency. Each angler was ranked from 1st to 36th and the members of each team were totalled up to give a team score. The results are shown below:

1st Greys Team Stocks
Name                   Place points
John Hood              2nd
Chris Guthrie         4th
Darren Booth         8th
Mike Laycock         11th
Steve Welsh            14th
Martin Griffiths     26th
Total Points             65      No. Fish: 20

2nd The Stocks Falcons
Name                  Place Points
Ian Gaskell               1st
Ben Dobson             3rd
Bob Cooper             15th
Paul Bebb                16th
Ian Ritche               27th
Bob Fitzpatrick     29th
Total Points             91        No. Fish 19

3rd The Stocks Cormorants
Name                Place Points
Mark Taylor               7th
Richie Hunter           12th
Mick Glancey            17th
Richie Kelly               22nd
Shaun Gaskell           23rd
Nick Thornborrow 36th
Team Total                117       No. Fish 12

Greys Team Stocks: Richard Hood, Mike Laycock, Chris Guthrie, Martin Griffiths and Darren Booth

Greys Team Stocks: Richard Hood, Mike Laycock, Chris Guthrie, Martin Griffiths and Darren Booth

Stocks Falcons: Sir Bob Cooper, Bob Fitzpatrick, Ian Gaskell, Ian Ritchie, Paul Bebb and Ben Dobson

Stocks Falcons: Sir Bob Cooper, Bob Fitzpatrick, Ian Gaskell, Ian Ritchie, Paul Bebb and Ben Dobson

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