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Fishing Reports


DATE: Tuesday August 18th.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 8 fish for Ken Whiteside – 8 fish for Derek Moore.
NOTABLE BAG: Mostly sport tickets.
BEST RAINBOW: Several weighing 3lb.
BANK ROD AV: 2.85 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: fish per angler.
Sport: The best catch from the bank was caught this morning by Ken Whiteside who landed 8 fish. Ken fished a floating line and took his fish along the bank from Hartleys to the jetty. Fishing for just a few hours this afternoon was Ian King who tempted 5 fish. Ians best spot was Bell point where he found an invicta on a floating line his best tactic. Landing 8 fish from a boat this afternoon was Derek Moore who found fish holding off Davids drain and Bell point. Derek caught all his fish on dries including Daddys and midas. Syotw.

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DATE:                                       Monday August 17th
REPORT AUTHOR                Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:          15 fish for Keith Landless
BEST RAINBOW:                  3lbs 4oz for Keith Landless
BEST BROWN:                      12oz wild Bob Fitzpatrick
BANK ROD AV:                     6.00 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                      3.25 fish per angler
Sport: What a difference a day makes! This morning started in a similar fashion yesterday with a flat calm and tricky fishing. But at about 10am a gentle breeze picked and the trout simply turned on. Keith Landless fished from Two Trees to Bell Point with a floating line and a team of black buzzers. Keith caught readily all the way along and soon got into double figures. Then there was a big fall of ants all along Hartley’s and all over Hollins Bay and the trout rising everywhere. Keith covered the rising fish with a black tadpole and pulled it back to distract the trout from their new found fixation. It worked well and he ended up with fifteen fish. Not bad for a half day ticket.
Ricky Newbolt took his boat to the Northern Shallows and at the Causeway and fished a damsel pattern on a floating line. He landed seven rainbows and lost a couple more.
Bob Fitzpatrick and Bernard McBride arrived at lunchtime and took a boat out to drift the east bank. They both started out with nymphs, Bernard straight lined them and Bob fished the washing line. After a few hours they’d had five to the boat mainly to the straight line up. They then noticed the ants and rising trout and switched to dries and boobies, they caught a few fish but covered loads to get them. They then found some black ant imitations that they didn’t know they had (Bernard) and tied them on. This was the turning point. They only fished for another half an hour and finished with thirteen between them and lost several more. Match the hatch!
I took out six year old Coby Campbell out for a couple of hours, it was his first ever time fly fishing. We started anchored off David’s Drain and he soon had lively 2lb rainbow on the end of his line which leapt clear of the water several times. It was soon in the net, it had taken a diawl bach on the dropper. We missed another in the same area then headed to Gull Island where he got into another rainbow this time on the booby on the point. He ended up with two in the boat and other near misses. Good angling. See pic below. Tight Lines Ben

Coby Cambell aged 6 with his first fly caught rainbow trout. Coby caught a second fish and dropped two more in a short two hour session. he fished the washing line with diawl bachs.

Coby Cambell aged 6 with his first fly caught rainbow trout. Coby caught a second fish and dropped two more in a short two hour session. He fished the washing line with diawl bachs.

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DATE: Sunday August 16th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 5 fish for Bob Fitzpatrick, Rick Czyzewski
NOTABLE BAG: 3 fish for 6lb for David Tetley
BEST RAINBOW: 5lbs for Peter Edmondson
BANK ROD AV: 2 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 1.73 fish per angler
An unusual day for Stocks in that the water remained flat calm with no ripple virtually all day. During brief periods when a light breeze did occur, providing patches of texture to the surface, sport noticeably improved and anglers would hook up. David Tetley remarked on this after bringing 3 trout to the boat, fishing klinkhammers in the Northern Shallows. During the glass calm many fish were visible, rising in all areas of the water, but they were shy of anglers and very difficult to get near. Amongst today’s catches Peter Edmondson landed the biggest trout of the day with a fine 5lb rainbow, caught from the boat using daddy long legs in the dam area.
On the bank Rick Czyzewski was ‘top rod’ with a respectable five fish. Peter’s approach was to keep moving and to go deeper, fishing a nomad with an intermediate line, roving the banks between the dam and Hollins Bay.

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DATE:                                             Friday August 14th & Saturday 15th
REPORT AUTHOR                      Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:                 7 fish for Andy Hargreaves, Fri: 10 fish for David Henderson
BEST RAINBOW:                         3lbs 0oz for Nigel Simpson
BANK ROD AV:                            2.0 fish per angler (Fri & Sat Combined)
BOAT ROD AV:                             2.0 fish per angler (Fri & Sat Combined)
Sport: On Friday saw heavy rain until after lunch then it cleared away to leave a pleasant afternoon. David Henderson went out on a boat in the afternoon and caught ten trout, eight of which were brownies and the other two were rainbows. He fished along the Willows on the East bank with a floating line and a team of small wets and red bits fished just subsurface.
On the shore Antoon Gysbers caught three fish in a short session off Bell Point. Antoon caught all of them on a black snatcher pattern.
Today (Saturday) the conditions were far from perfect will bright sunshine and a significant westerly wind. “Bright n breezy never easy”
The top rod came from the boats. Andy Hargreaves had seven rainbows whilst anchored off Bell Point and Ten Acre Foot. Andy straight lined diawl bachs o catch his first four fish then switched to black buzzers to get his last three. He straight lined them, that is he had no booby on the point and felt as though the trout were down a bit but still relatively close into the shore.
Bob Fitzpatrick had four trout and had countless hard takes whilst washing lining diawl bach. He allowed the nymphs to sink the booby down and slowly figure of eighted them home. He fish all down the east shore.
On the bank Nigel Simpson was top angler with five rainbows including two 3lb fish. He fish at Grindy’s Lawn and along the Alders. Nigel used a Di3 line with a yellow eyed white booby and a slow twitch retrieve. He too missed a few as well. The bright sunshine and wind didn’t help things today but the forecast for tomorrow and Monday looks much better: Very light wind and cloud cover. Hopefully we’ll be back the dries. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE:                                   Thursday August 13th
REPORT AUTHOR            Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:      5 fish for Tony Taylor & David Carr
NOTABLE BAG:                5 fish for 12lbs David Carr
BEST RAINBOW:              3lbs 0oz for David Carr & Tony Taylor
BANK ROD AV:                 1.00 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                 3.33 fish per angler
Sport: It was a very quiet day at Stocks with just two half day bank anglers and three anglers out on the boats.
Felicity Appleton caught all the fish from the shore. She took two rainbows between the Jetty and Bell Point on a floating line with a lure and olive nymph set up.
On the boats two of the anglers took five fish each. Tony Taylor caught his on a floating line and nymphs from around Ten Acre Foot and David Carr caught five on buzzers fished along the boulders. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE:                                            Wednesday August 12th
REPORT AUTHOR n                 Nick
NOTABLE CATCHES:               8 fish Bob Fitzpatrick
BEST RAINBOW:                       3lbs 0oz for Brian Parker
BANK ROD AV:                           2.75 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                            1.43 fish per angler
Sport: Yes it was glorious today, and not a grouse in sight. With such bright sunshine the trout weren’t showing in great numbers either, although anglers did catch.
On the bank Brian Parker landed a respectable 5 fish during his half day session, fishing lures with a floating line. Brian’s best area was Bell Point. Also fishing a half day session Andy Galbraith found his four fish on the east bank at the Alders, straight lining buzzers with a floating line.
On the boats Bob Fitzpatrick led the field with eight trout. Bob fished caught on wets, with a couple caught on dries earlier in the day. Nick

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DATE: Tuesday 11th August.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 12 fish for Bob Fitzpatrick.
NOTABLE BAG: 4 fish weighing 8lb for Peter Carr.
BEST RAINBOW: Several weighing 3lb.
BEST BROWN: Several wild brownies.
BANK ROD AV: 1.25 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 2.88 fish per angler.
Sport: The best catch from the bank this morning was taken by Ken Whiteside with his 7 fish. Ken caught his fish from Bell point with his ever effective udf fly. Out on a boat and drifting all over the lake was Bob Fitzpatrick who caught 12 trout. Bob caught in several areas but found his best drift to be from the alders down past 10 acre foot and onto Halsteads hike. All Bobs fish took washing lined nymphs. Ricky Newbolt was out on the water today and included in his catch was a tagged trout that earns him a £50 tackle voucher, well done Ricky. Also out on a boat with dad Pat was young Nick McLintic who caught his first ever trout! Nicks special trout fell to a rubber legged daddy. Nick was very happy with his fish, well done. I remember my 1st trout, both brownie and rainbow, do you? There’s a memory for you. Syotw.

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DATE: Monday August 10th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 5 fish for Phil Davies & Terry Worthington
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 13lbs to Paul Ramsden
BEST RAINBOW: 3lbs 8oz for Terry Worthington
BANK ROD AV: 4.33 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 1.80 fish per angler
Sport: This morning fished well to dries. Paul Bebb and Paul Ramsden fished along the east bank past the Alders to take seven rainbows to dry daddies and they had several other takes as well. At 11am a thunderstorm came over and the wind picked up, after that it was as if someone had flicked a switched and turned the trout off. Other anglers experienced the same phenomena and those that turned up after the conditions changed struggled. It didn’t put a lot of water down i think it was more the sudden change in conditions that the trout didn’t like. There is still one boat out I know they have caught but I am not sure how many. So the rod average doesn’t include them. If they’ve had a bonanza we’ll include them tomorrow.
From the shore Terry Worthington took five rainbows to 3lbs, three of which came from The Alders and the last two from Two Trees. Terry caught all his fish on a black and green wet fly of his own tying called ‘The snot fly’. His fishing buddy, Joe Halton, took three trout on a green pea woolly bugger.
Fishing from the Dam Phil Davis had five trout on buzzers and dry sedge patterns. Tight Lines Ben

Ps We Still have places for the following competition:

Stocks Fly Fishery Charity Fun Day
In aid of North West Air Ambulance
Sunday August 30th 2015 10am-6pm
This event is planned as a ‘Blind Pairs’ Day. This is how it works:
You either choose your boat partner or alternatively you can be drawn with a boat partner.
You will kill your first four fish and release the next four.
At the ‘weigh in’ you will draw a number. The person with the corresponding number becomes your partner for competition results. The highest combined total weight of fish will determine the winning pair. Proceeds from any tagged fish caught to be shared with your partner.
The aim of the event is to have a fun, friendly day, with the North West Air Ambulance Service being the ultimate winner, gaining much needed funds for a much needed service.
Entrance Fee £49.50 (includes entry into tagged fish)
To book your place contact
Ben or Nick at Stocks Fly Fishery 01200 446602
Derek Moore TEL: 01254 830890 MOB: 07903840925

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DATE: Sunday August 9th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 6 fish for Bob Robinson, 15 for Andy Cliffe
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 4lb for Ella Hutchings (1st time angler)
BEST RAINBOW: 4lbs for Andy Cliffe
BEST BROWN: 1lb Andy Cliffe
BEST BLUE: 2lbs Andy Cliffe
BANK ROD AV: 1.33 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 3.25 fish per angler
Conditions were great at Stocks today, following yesterday’s brightness and heat.
Bank anglers were few in number however first time fly angler, young Ms Ella Hutchings, must be given a mention. Ella, visiting with her Grandad, fished a foam daddy long legs to catch her first two trout ever in Newclose Bay. Well done Ella!
On the boats the daddy long legs was popular again, along with hoppers; black, red and orange, with dries accounting for a good number of fish. Consistent with recent form many reported that the fish were found tight in the margins although Bob Robinson fished traditional wets with an intermediate line to catch 6 fish out in open water. Bob also commented that fish were to be found in all areas. Andy Cliffe had a great day catching 15 to the boat, all from the East Bank, from Curry’s Cast to the Spillway. In the morning Andy fished a small size 14 nymph between two boobies then switched to pulling blobs for the 2nd half of his catch this afternoon. Andy’s best area was close into the side between the Alders and David’s Drain.

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DATE:                                        Saturday August 8th
REPORT AUTHOR                 Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:           12 fish for Keith Landless, 11 for Richard Hood, 9 for Peter Andrews
NOTABLE BAG:                     4 fish for 8lbs 11oz Richard Hood
BEST RAINBOW:                  10lbs for Alistair Beaumont
BEST BROWN:                       2lbs 8oz Richard Hood
BANK ROD AV:                     4.20 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                     3.89 fish per angler
Sport: Today we held the Stocks Dry Line competition and twenty anglers took to the water to try and become the 2015 champion. It was a very friendly affair. The day was split into two sessions with a break for a buffet lunch in the middle. The anglers had to fish with a floating line from a drifting boat but they could use fishery rules flies. They took their first two fish of each session and they were then awarded 2lbs for any further fish returned.
The 2015 Champion was Peter Andrews had five rainbows in the morning earning him 1 place point and four in the afternoon earning him 3 place points. So his total was just 4 points.(1st & 3rd) He squeezed out Richard Hood who also had a great day with four in the morning and seven in the afternoon giving him a total of five points. (4th & 1st)
Peter fished down the east bank with a black tadpole on the point and nymphs on the droppers, Richard also fished down the east bank with an orange booby on the point, a nymph in the middle and a snatcher on the top. Richard cast right into the edge and pulled most of his fish out of the margins. A tactic that worked well for other anglers today.
As Peter Andrews won the overall competition his boat partner Andrew Bentley was promoted from 2nd place in the morning to 1st place in the morning. Andrew caught his fish on the same method as Peter.
Ian Greenwood was the 2nd in morning with four fish all caught on his own damsel variant.
2nd in the afternoon was, three times previous champion, Alistair Beaumont with five trout all caught on a black minkies and one of his returned fish was a double figure rainbow. Alistair fished tight in along bank between Halstead’s Hike and David’s Drain. The results are shown below. Good angling Fellers
We had two more tagged fish caught today. Ian Greenwood won a £50 tackle voucher and Rick Nuttall won a free full day five fish ticket. The £500 fish is still at large.
On the shore Keith Landless had an action packed half day session. Keith fished his way from the jetty to Bell Point with a floating line, two buzzers on the droppers and, on the point, a black tadpole with a fluorescent yellow bead. I saw him pick two fish up in his first two casts but by the time he’d fished his way round he had landed twelve rainbows to 3lbs. Tight Lines Ben

The 2015 Dry Line Winners: From left to right: Andrew Bentley 1st place in the morning, Richard Hood: 1st place afternoon, John Sykes: Best fish, Peter Andrews: The 2015 Champion, Ian Greenwood: 2nd in the morning, Alistair Beaumont: 2nd in the afternoon.

The 2015 Dry Line Winners: From left to right: Andrew Bentley 1st place in the morning, Richard Hood: 1st place afternoon, John Sykes: Best fish, Peter Andrews: The 2015 Champion, Ian Greenwood: 2nd in the morning, Alistair Beaumont: 2nd in the afternoon.

This shows the afternoon results and the ranking in the morning and final places.

This shows the afternoon results and the ranking in the morning and final places.

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