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Fishing Reports


A tricky day at stocks today with rain this morning then bright sunshine this afternoon and three changes of wind direction where never going to make things easy on the boats there was some success first in was Andy Galbraith who landed 2 fish from the northern shallows on a red holo Diawl bach. Next was Mr Irwin who caught his fish from the dam on a blob fished on a di6. Lastly Stocks Resident Bob Fitzpatrick landed two fish on a floating line with cats whisker boobies. everyon has commented on the amount of follows and swirls that arent connecting. possibly with a calmer day and a bit more cloud cover things could have been different. See you out there Pete

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Sport: The best catch today went to the boat of Derek Moore and Felicity Appleton with 8 fish between them. They caught a mixture of browns, blues and rainbows with fish weighing up to 3lbs. Derek landed his best wild brownie ever which weighed over 1lb. 2 trees, Hartleys, Bell point and Davids drain were their best areas with the fish being very close to the shore. Both anglers found a cats whisker booby on a fast glass sinking line the best tactic. There was a bank angler fishing just down from the fishing lodge in Hollins bay and although he didn’t land any he said he had a good number of fish chasing his cat booby and orange blob. Syotw Paul.

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DATE:                                Tuesday July 26th
REPORT AUTHOR         Pete
NOTABLE CATCHES:    9 fish for Andrew Fenton
NOTABLE BAG:               3 fish for 7lb 8oz
BEST RAINBOW:            Several at 2lb 12oz
BEST BROWN:                3lb by Andrew Fenton
BEST BLUE:                     2lb 12oz Ken Whiteside
BANK ROD AV:               9 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:               1.8 fish per angler
Sport: It’s been a while but looks the reservoir is switching back on (woohoo). On the bank Andrew Fenton had 9 fish from Hartleys and two Trees, Andrew fish a booby and blob combination to great success but switched to dries when the wind dropped to continue catching. Out on the boats resident guide Paul Bebb was out with regular Rob Shelton the caught 4 fish from the dam area on boobies fished on a floating line with the cats whisker booby as their top pattern Paul commented on the amount of follows and takes they were getting. The same was said by Ken Whiteside who was our top rod on the boats today with 4 fish all on dries and twice as many missed on the strike. It’s the Midweek Drifters tomorrow so anyone who would like to come along please do so., A week on Sunday is the Stocks Dry Lines competition this is a floating line only competition fished from drifting boats to international rules with some fantastic prizes. If youd like to enter please contact the lodge for more info. See you out there Pete

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Sport: Bob Fitzpatrick has been out on the water every day this week and as well as catching fish has had a good bit of action with lost fish, follows and pulls. Bob has tried several methods and tactics but by far the best has been pulling both cats whisker and peaches and cream boobys across the surface at speed on a floating line suggesting the fish are high in the water and wanting to chase. Most of Bobs action has been right in the middle of the dam arm down as far as a line from Petes point and Halsteads hike. Fishing from the dam wall near the blue pipe today was Phil Davies who caught 7 trout. Phil caught all his fish on a home tied white buzzer similar to a okey dokey fished under a sight indicater. The cooler fresher weather forecast for the rest of the week could help catches. Syotw. Paul.

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The fishing has remained tricky over the last two days Antoon Gysbers took a couple of nice fish over a short whilst bank fishing back from Bell Point. Both his fish took red holo diawls.
Today there more fish rising and quite a few anglers tried the dries but it proved tricky to get them to take properly. Steve Pritchard took two fish on a black nymph whilst boat fishing near to the Dam. Ian Isherwood took one on a sedge pupa in the same area and Steve Mills caught a tagged trout worth a £100 tackle voucher and dropped two more. Steve was fishing from the shore at Grindy’s Lawn and used a pink booby and Dawson’s Olive on an SSi. Hopefully the sport will pick up tomorrow. Tight Lines Ben

Steve Mills caught a tagged trout winning him a £100 tackle. He caught on a Dawson's olive fished on a slow intermediate line whilst bank fishing at Grindy's Lawn

Steve Mills caught a tagged trout winning him a £100 tackle voucher. Steve it caught on a Dawson’s olive fished on a slow intermediate line whilst bank fishing at Grindy’s Lawn.

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Sport: With the hot bright and at times thundery weather we have had recently the fishing has been tricky with the trout reluctant to feed. There have been a few trout caught with the first hour or two usually being the best with dry flies taking most of the fish however yesterday Andrew Whiteman landed 3 trout in the evening whilst fishing a floating line and a cats whisker with a figure 8 retrieve. Interestingly Andrew saw a swirl as his fish took the fly so they have not been deep in the water even in the bright sunshine. As and when the air pressure settles the fishing will improve. Syotw Paul.

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DATE: Saturday July 16th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 7 fish for Jim Rigby
NOTABLE BAG: 4 fish for 7lb 12oz ben Dobson
BEST RAINBOW: Several around 3lb
BEST BROWN: Several at 2lb
BEST BLUE: 3lb 5oz sean Gaskell
BANK ROD AV: fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 1.33 fish per angler
Sport: Today say the team event of the sportfish international fishing competition where we saw teams take to the water to battle it out for a spot in the final at Rutland later in the year the day promised much with overcast conditions and light winds but as the day progressed the sun came out and the wind picked up making for a grueller of a day. After 8 hours on the water the top rod went to Jim “digger” Rigby with 7 fish followed closely by our own Ben Dobson with 6 fish. But this was a team event so onto the most important results
1st Stocks Falcons 10 fish 22lb 13oz
2nd Northern Drifters 10 fish 20lb 0oz
3rd Stocks Hawks 9 fish 17lb 2oz
4th Stocks Merlins 3 fish 6lb 9oz
Congratulations to the top two teams who qualify for the international final. The top methods today were a di3 sweep with peach boobies or gorgeous georges fished with a varied retrieve with some weather forecast this week dries could figure in the returns this week see you lout there Pete

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DATE: Thursday 14th July.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 7 fish for Laurie Taylor-5 fish for Keith Landless, Jim Rigby and Ben Dobson.
NOTABLE BAG: 4 fish weighing 14lb 12oz with bonus.
BEST RAINBOW: Several weighing over 3lb.
BEST BROWN: Several weighing over 2lb 8oz.
BEST BLUE: Several weighing over 2lb 8oz.
BANK ROD AV: 3.00 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 2.00 fish per angler.
Sport: The best catch from the bank today was taken by Keith Landless with 5 fish in just a couple of hours. Keith fished around the jetty and 2 trees with all his fish falling for a black and green buzzer on a floating line. Today we hosted the first of 3 days Anglers World fly fishing championships where 32 boat anglers competed in the floating line only match. Conditions were not great with bright sunshine and a breeze but there were trout caught which made for a good match. Top rod at the end was Laurie Taylor with 7 fish, in 2nd place with 5 fish was Jim Rigby and in 3rd also with 5 was Ben Dobson. The full results will follow this report. Fish were caught in many areas but there seemed to be no set tactic or flies with dries, nymphs, boobys and lures all catching fish. Friday is the any line day so we will get you the results as soon as we can. Syotw.

Day 1 results

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DATE:                                          Wednesday July 13th
REPORT AUTHOR                   Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:              7 fish for Brendon Ginty
NOTABLE BAG:                        2 fish for 8lbs 10oz for Ray Entwistle
BEST RAINBOW:                      6lbs 2oz Ray Entwistle
BEST BROWN:                           3lbs 8oz Colin Obrien
BEST BLUE:                               2lbs12oz David McAbe
BANK ROD AV:                         2.83 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                          2.10fish per angler
Sport: Off the shore today Brendon Ginty had seven trout to 3lbs whilst fishing a floating line an ace of spades and cormorants. He worked his way from Hollins to Bell Point.
Ray Entwistle took three good fish to 6lbs on fritz patterns fished near the jetty area.
Ken Whiteside fished from Hartley’s to Hollins to take four trout on his UDF pattern, also fished on a floater.
Out on the boats Bob Swan and Colin Obrien took nine trout and had the chance of a fair few more. They caught on cats, damsels and dabblers.
The rest of the boats anglers kept their cards close to their chests as the were practising for tomorrow’s match. Tight Lines Ben

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Sport: Just a very quick report tonight as there is very little info i can give you as most of the anglers out today were practicing for the competitions coming up this weekend and so keeping their info to themselves. What i do know is that there were numbers of fish caught in several areas so if you are not catching, drifting different areas should give you a good chance of finding a few fish. For lures try damsels, blobs and cats whiskers on either a floating or intermediate line or if there is any cloud cover, reasonable temperatures and not too much wind then dries with daddys, hoppers and bobs bits should work well. Syotw Paul.

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