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Fishing Reports


DATE:                                    Wednesday April 20th.
REPORT AUTHOR             Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:        15 trout for Ray Entwhistle
NOTABLE BAG:                   5 fish for 12lbs 8oz Felicity Appleton
BEST RAINBOW:                4lbs Frank Robinson
BEST BROWN:                    2lbs George Ashton
BEST BLUE:                         3lbs 12oz Ray Entwhistle
BANK ROD AV:                   4.56 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                   4.43 fish per angler
Sport: It was the second meeting of the mid week drifters and the numbers had increased to ten making five boat pairs. Once again everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and I know that the numbers are going to keep growing. Bob Fitzpatrick continued his good form and put the best two trout on the scales for 5lbs 6oz to win a new fly line. But what was great to see was how almost everyone managed a fish or two and how everyone shared flies and tactics and tried hard to get each other catching fish. Some people caught on methods and flies that they had never tried before. George Ashton and Felicity Appleton had 12 trout to their boat with a pretty even split. Their best fly was Felicity’s home tied olive cruncher fished either on the washing line or straight lined on a floater.
Bob Fitzpatrick and Rob Burnham had nine good fish to their boat with cormorants and blobs working well. Most of the paring then went back out after the weigh in and sandwiches to catch a few more.

The next meeting of the Mid Week Drifters is on Wednesday May 4th 10am – 4pm. Everyone is welcome and there is a free bite to eat at the end. If you would like to come along please call the lodge on 01200 446602 so that we know how many boats will be needed.
Outside of the ‘Drifters’ Andy Hulls and Ray Birds had a great day fishing buzzers and nymphs on floating lines. They had 17 trout to their boat whilst fishing off Willow Island and Curry’s cast.
On the shore Ray Entwhistle had great fun with fritz lures fished on a floating line to take 15 rainbows and blues to 3lbs 12oz. His best area was Davy Jones point.
Opposite Ray on Bell Point Keith Landless put Ken Whiteside’s UDF fly and buzzers to good use taking nine good trout in an afternoon session.
There were loads of buzzers hatching off today from all over the reservoir the trout were feeding on these as small black beetles. When it was calm fish were rising right across open water. It was a good tactic to cover these rising fish and strip something back to intercept them. Tight Lines Ben

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DATE:                                Tuesday April 19th.
REPORT AUTHOR         Pete
NOTABLE CATCHES:   9 fish Stuart Mcahee and Luke Wilkinson
NOTABLE BAG:              4 fish for 9lb 3oz Vince margiotta
BEST RAINBOW:           3lb Vince Margiotta
BEST BLUE:                    3lb David Hitchen
BANK ROD AV:              3 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:              3.63 fish per angler
Sport: Today has to be the warmest day of the year yet and flat calm for a food portion of it as well. When it was calm there were fish rising all across the reservoir but still proved tricky to catch but Stuart Mcahee and Luke Wilkinson cracked the code and came in with 9 fish each both found a washing line approach with buzzers or crunchers the best way to tempt the trout with quite a few taking the booby on the point. On the bank regular David Hitchen tempted 6 trout to the net with a Black and peacock spider and a black buzzer being his top pattern David Caught all his fish from Hartleys. Don’t forget guys it’s the Midweek Drifters tomorrow so if you’d like to join in please feel free to get here before 10 in the morning to register. See you out there Pete

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Stocks Qualifier Results 17 April 2016

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NOTABLE CATCHES: 14 Fish Steve Smalley 13 fish Dave Currie
NOTABLE BAG:           4 fish for 19lb 8oz by Mike Laycock
BEST RAINBOW:         10lb 9oz Mike Laycock
BEST BLUE:                  5lb for Tim Harris
BANK ROD AV:            7 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:            6.76 fish per angler
Sport: Today we hosted the first heat of the England Qualifiers with 36 anglers taking to the water in bright n breezy conditions initially the going was hard but a good band of cloud came in this afternoon and the air temperature warmed up and the fish started to play. At the end of the day when everyone had weighed in the top four anglers were as follows
1st Steve Smalley 14 fish
2nd Dave Currie 13 fish
3rd Ryan Feber 10 fish
4th Tony Conolley 9 fish
The best tactics seemed to be sinking lines with various blobs boobies and sinking lines the biggest fish of the day went to Mike Laycock with a stunning 10lb 9oz rainbow. There will probably be around 12 places that go through to the final at chew valley lake (full results to follow)
Out on the bank top rod today goes Tim Harris who fished Hollins bay with various hot head lures to catch and release 7 fish including a 5lb rainbow and a 5lb blue and a cracking little fully spotted wild brownie good angling Tim. See you out there Pete

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DATE:                                              Saturday April 16th.
REPORT AUTHOR                       Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:                  8 fish for Tony Taylor
NOTABLE BAG:                             4 fish for 12lbs for Mr?
BEST RAINBOW:                          5lbs for Dave Thornton
BEST BROWN:                               1lb 8oz Jim Connell
BEST BLUE:                                   4lbs 8oz Tony Taylor
BANK ROD AV:                             4.0 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                              ??? fish per angler
Sport: I have no idea what the boat rod average was today as everyone practising for tomorrow kept their cards close to their chests. I do know that it was a lot tougher than yesterday. I have put tomorrow’s boat draw below.
On the bank Tony Taylor had eight fish: five on a cat booby and three on PTNs. He caught on Hartley’s bank and Ben’s Beach.
Ben’s Beach fished well for other too Mr Murray caught five along there on a bloody butcher.
Nigel Simpson and John Connelly had nine between them from Hartley’s on boobies.
Sorry the report is very brief there will be more detail tomorrow. Tight Lines Ben


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DATE: Friday                April 15th.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 18 fish Paul Tweddle 16 fish George Ashton
NOTABLE BAG:            3 fish for 9lb 8oz by Glyn Yates
BEST RAINBOW:         10lb+ Andy Cliffe
BEST BLUE:                  4lb by Ben Dobson
BANK ROD AV: 5.6 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 10.53  fish per angler
Sport: With light winds and warm air temperature the weather promised much with fish rising right across the reservoir this morning but it soon cooled off and the wind picked up for a while which slowed the fishing down this afternoon but the boat anglers were certainly in amongst them with Paul Tweddle catching and releasing 18 fish tactics and patterns are a little thin opn the ground as most of the anglers were practicing for Sundays England qualifier. Also on the boats George Ashton had 16 fish mainly to lures. Top boat though goes to our very own Ben Dobson and Bob Fitzpatrick who caught and released 30 fish between them on a mix of patterns including a couple on bens favourite Greenwells Glory bens haul included a lovely 4lb bluey. Andy Cliffe finished with 11 fish including a monster of 10lb+. On the Bank Season ticket holder John Fletcher Had 8 fish from Hollins bay on a fly his granddaughter designed called a ballerina booby fished on a floating line. 10n year old Mathew Bracewell had a cracking first day fly fishing at stocks catching and releasing 5 fish from Hollins and two trees on a dawsons olive, well done young un! See you out there Pete

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DATE: Thursday April 14th.
NOTABLE BAG: 4 fish weighing 10lb 2oz for Mike Westacott.
BEST RAINBOW: Several weighing 3lb 8oz.
BEST BLUE: Several weighing 3lb.
BANK ROD AV: 5.20 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 7.60 fish per angler.
Sport: The northern end of the lake was the best for the boats today although out on my travels i saw a good number of trout rising along the ten acre foot area on the east bank. Martin Colligan had a super day landing 11 fish on an olive fritz lure on a sinking line. Martin caught most of his fish from willow and gull island. Ryan Feeber and Steve Smalley were also into the fish with various patterns working for them. Alan Whitley and Alan Turner caught 20 fish between them whilst fishing near the mushroom tree in newclose bay. Lures on a fast sinking line was their best tactic. Peter Soloman was another successful angler with 11 to his boat. Gull island was his best spot with black blobs and fabs on a midge tip line the effective tactic. Bringing 16 trout to their boat was Stuart Halford and Gareth Jones. They caught the majority of their fish on dawsons olive and booies. Craig Barr caught 15 fish on various lines and flies. He drifted all over the lace and found fish in several different spots. From the bank there was also good sport to be had with Bell point and near the jetty the best areas. Top rod from the bank today was Mark Diamond with 9 fish which fell to a black snake. Bill Menzies party have been staying in our new lake view apartment and have had a great 3 days with us. They have enjoyed super fishing landing a staggering 102 fish between the 4 of them, well done guys. Nice to have had you with us. Syotw.

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DATE:                                       Wednesday April th.
REPORT AUTHOR                 Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:            19 fish for George Ashton,
NOTABLE BAG:                       3 for 13lbs 2oz to Bob Fitzpatrick, 4 to 12lbs 10oz Tyron Henshaw
BEST RAINBOW:                     10lbs for Ernie Greenalgh, & 8lbs 14oz Bob Fitzpatrick
BEST BROWN:                          3lbs 14oz for Ritchie Kelly
BEST BLUE:                              4lbs 10oz for Tyron Henshaw
BANK ROD AV:                         5.36 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                          8.47 fish per angler
Sport: The reservoir fished very well once again. The trout that were spooned were full of small olive buzzers and some anglers got the buzzers or nymphs to work well. However I would say that lures still out caught the nymphs today.
Six anglers enjoyed the Mid Week drifters today and all of them fished in a boat alongside somebody that they hadn’t previously fished with. They all expressed how good it was to have a completely relaxed day with someone new outside of a competition. That’s what the mid week drifters is all about, yes we give a small tackle prize to the best basket of three but it really is about enjoying your day on the water and learning some new tricks from new people. Bob Fitzpatrick won the prize. He stuck with his nymphs for most of the day to catch three trout for 13lbs 2oz. He put a fair few back as well. Derek Moore and Ritchie Kelly had nineteen to their boat and they even caught a fair few on dries.
The best catch was George Ashton with 19 trout on various lures fgrom all over the Northern shallows..
Chris Franklin also caught well at Gull Island with 14 trout on black n green flies fished on a midge tip.
Gary Allen and Peter Taylor had 21 trout to their boat fishing the washing line on intermediate lines.
On the shore Tony Taylor had 10 trout on nymphs and lures fished on a floater along hartleys and at Bell Point.
Ken Whiteside had 9 on a half day ticket on his UDF fly fished along Ben’s Beach.
Tyron Henshaw had some cracking fished in his bag. He roamed the shores with both buzzers and lures. His trout averaged over 3lbs. Not bad. Tight liners Ben

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DATE:                             Tuesday April 12th.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 18 fish for Ernie Greenhalgh 18 fish for Bill Menzies
NOTABLE BAG:            5 fish for 12lb8oz Karl davies
BEST RAINBOW:         3.5lb Karl Davies
BEST BROWN:             2lb Eddie Mghee
BEST BLUE:                  3lb Dave Hitchen
BANK ROD AV:            7.86 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:            14.25 fish per angler
Sport: I think the rod averages say it all stocks is open for business and business is brisk. On the boats today travelling anglers Bill Menzies and Ernie Greenhalgh both had 18 fish on various lures and boobies fish on slow sinking lines their best areas being Hollins Bay and the Northern Shallows. On the bank James Taylor had a real cricket score with 20 fish mainly to a damsel pattern James found keeping on the move between bell point and the jetty the best way of staying on the fish. Also on the bank Karl Davies had 10 fish with a 5 fish bag weighing 12lb 8oz, karl was fishing a washing line with buzzers or mini lures to take his trout and commented on how high in the water the fish were. Again with 10 fish this time mainly on a black cormorant was Mr B Tasker most of his fish came from the jetty area with light winds forecast for tomorrow the first of the Mid Week Drifters should a good day see you out there Pete

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The Midweek Drifters: *New for 2016.

Date: Wednesday  12/04/2016

This is a friendly gathering of anglers meeting at Stocks once a fortnight starting on Wednesday April 6th. Everybody is welcome to join the Midweek Drifters, whether it’s your first time ever boat fishing or whether you are an experienced boatman. It is the perfect chance to fish Stocks with fellow anglers and learn new techniques, patterns, areas, and tactics as the trout’s behaviour and feeding habits change over the course of the season.

There is no entry fee for joining the Midweek Drifters and you may come along to as many, or as few, of the gatherings as you like. They are fished between 10am and 4pm to a 3 fish limit (you must take your first two fish but may select your third). There are nibbles and drinks provided at the weighing, a tackle prize for the best basket. Also we will give 15% off everything in our tackle shop for all Drifters on the day. All this for just £30/ angler!

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