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Fishing Reports


DATE: Wednesday July9th
NOTABLE CATCH: 6 trout for John Sykes
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 5lb, Joan Lindsay
BEST RAINBOW: 2 lbs 8oz for Joan Lindsay
BEST BLUE: 2 lbs 8oz for Joan Lindsay
BOAT ROD AV: 2 fish per angler

Following on from all the excitement at the beginning of the week when we enjoyed the benefit of an overcast, battleship grey sky, today was bright and remained so for the entire day. The brightness was reflected in the fishing and was hard. Most anglers struggled to catch whilst John Sykes demonstrated that the roving approach, and trying different methods pays off. It took a while to find the method but when he did John caught six fine fish drifting west to east across The Saddle at the northern end of the water. Cloud cover forecast for the weekend will be welcomed. Use sunscreen.


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DATE: Tuesday 8th July.
NOTABLE CATCH: 10+ trout for Steven and Liam Tattersall.
NOTABLE BAG: 9 fish weighing 20lb for Steven and Liam Tattersall.
BEST RAINBOW: Several weighing 3lb.
BEST BLUE: Several weighing 3lb.
BEST BROWN: 2lb 4oz for Chris Hacking.
BANK ROD AV: 3.00 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 4.25 fish per angler.
Sport: Apart from a heavy shower this afternoon we had another nice day here at Stocks. A bit of cloud cover this morning and again later but mostly very hot and sunny. The best catch taken from the bank today fell to the rod of Ian Butterworth who caught 5 trout. Ian fished from Hartleys bank and caught his fish on a small black lure on a sink tip line. Out on a boat today were Steven and Liam Tattersall who caught 12 fish between them. They caught a few fish drifting off Bell point but the majority of their fish were caught around the dam area with tadpoles on floating lines being their best tactic. They did say that it was best when there was any cloud cover. Other anglers caught around the dam and the alders but there were also a few fish caught up in the northern shallows with diawl bach being the best pattern in this area. Syotw.

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DATE: Monday July7th
NOTABLE CATCH: 10+ trout for Ricky Newbolt, Josh Murfet, Jo Halton
BEST RAINBOW: 4lbs+ for Jo Halton
BEST BLUE: 9lbs 1oz Josh Murfet
BANK ROD AV: 4.3 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 10.3 fish per angler

Quiet again today and there’s no cycle race, it is however a Monday and at times Mondays can be quiet. The weather first thing doesn’t help and the day started with downpours of the apocalyptic big blob variety which can make the decision to do something else for the best of us.
By 11am the showers eased and by noon were behind us for the rest of the day.
Stocks really came alive today and the sport was fantastic, but only for those that left the lodge to walk or motor (if in a boat) in the right direction. I shall explain; The dam area was full of fish that were feeding very aggressively. Of the 4 bank anglers, two went to the dam wall and had 6 and 10 fish (half day sessions), the other two fished other areas and struggled to find only one fish. Of the four boat anglers the same applied, with the two that went to the dam area catching 35 fish between them from two separate boats. The other two boats, also single occupied, headed in the other direction and had 6 fish between them. For some reason the fish were moving and feeding in large pods from the dam wall to the centre of the main basin. From the elevated seating area at the lodge it was clearly visible in the main basin as fish rose and bow waves charged in all directions, right out in open water.
The fish were responding to a variety of techniques. Alex Blore caught from the dam wall fishing a traditional sedge dry. Jo Halton caught double figures fishing buzzers and diawl bachs, also from the dam wall, commenting ‘smashed off twice by animals’.
Out in open water where fish were rising prolifically, as well as fishing dry fly, it proved very successful to cover rises with either a boobie or cats whisker/fritzy lure.
Josh Murphet, fresh off the plane from Sydney, caught a pristine 9lb 1oz blue trout on a traditional Tasmanian trout fly tied by his Nan, Jan Spencer. Made of dear fur and like a bibio it’s flown all the way around the planet in Josh’s pocket to serve its purpose at Stocks. Josh had a further 10 fish found mostly in the Kettlewells area.
Let’s hope it continues.



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Sunday July 6th.
Today was very surprising for a Sunday at Stocks in that hardly anyone came fishing ……………… or walking, or bird watching, or dog walking, or for an ice cream. The Tour de France virtually isolated us from the East it seems and this, combined with the evident allure of tennis and Grand Prix action on the TV, kept most folk at home. The few walkers that did call into the lodge commented that their car parks in the forestry to our north were almost empty. As a consequence there are very few catch returns to allow much of a report using the usual format. From the feedback we did get from return slips the form is as follows:-
Bank rod average 2 fish.
Boat rod average 1.1 fish.
Amongst the fish caught and weighed it is notable that first time fly angler and visiting Hungarian Gyorgy Gojkovits caught his first ever fish with a fly rod from the dam wall. Two fish to be more precise; a fine 3lb blue and a 2.5lb rainbow. Well done Gyorgy and we hope to see you again soon.
The dam area has been popular of late. Peter Blight also took two fish from the dam on dry fly commenting; ‘many fish missed’.
Note: If you’ve been trying to get through by phone over the last couple of days you will have struggled due to our line having had a fault (hence the late fishing reports). Connection is now restored and the phone works again to make your boat booking etc.


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DATE:                               Friday July 4th
NOTABLE BAG:            3 fish for 7lbs 14oz Mike Barber
BEST RAINBOW:          3lbs 10oz for Mike Barber
BEST BLUE:                    7lbs 0oz David Pendlebury
BANK ROD AV:            3.0 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:             1.5 fish per angler
Sport: Antoon Gysbers was one of three bank anglers today; he only fished for a few hours but caught three good fish. He tempted them to Diawl Backs and dries from Newclose and Hollins Bay. Antoon also said he had loads chasing a booby fished just subsurface but none of them would connect.
Ray Entwhistle caught two and lost two in a short session this morning. Ray’s two fish tipped the scales to 5lbs and fell to a yellow lure fished on a floating line.
Mike Barber wandered over to the far side of the dam and fished a floating line with a Dawson’s olive to tempt four good fish.
Out on a boat at the dam Mark Sleigh and David Pendlebury had four trout including a 7lb blue and a tagged rainbow winning them a free full days fishing. They commented that there were a lot of fish rising and they had plenty of chances on dries but they proved tricky to hook. However it was a black n green dancer that accounted for of the fish in their boat.
There was other boat out today. Rob Finney was introducing Stocks to Anthony Makin and David Parkinson. They have just started fly fishing and it was their first time on dries. They caught two and missed a few more. Good angling fellers. Tight lines Ben

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DATE: Wednesday July 2nd
NOTABLE CATCH: 3 trout for Ron Melling
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 5lbs for Ron Melling
BOAT ROD AV: 1 fish per angler

With another very bright day Stocks was unusually quiet today with no bank anglers and only a handful of boats out on the water. The fishing continued to be seasonally hard however a few did find fish after taking the roving approach, trying all areas and in particular drifting close into the margins. For those that tried Newclose Bay the better sport was found, tight in the side between Beetles Drop and Herons Hurdle being best. Here Ron Melling had three fine fish to the boat all on dry, black hopper in fact, during a half day visit between 3 and 7 pm. The majority of fish caught today were off the surface. Hoppers (black and red), Bob’s Bits, and Midas were the patterns of the day.
Weather forecasters are predicting some changes welcomed by gardeners and arable farmers (easy to work that out!) so hopefully this will herald an improvement in catch rates. This weekend the Stocks diary is free from competitions and events so those who prefer less traffic on the water should come and help with the rod averages.
Lodge open every day from 7.30am as usual, kettle will be on.

Nick .

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NOTABLE CATCH: 5 fish for Derek Moore.
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish weighing 5lb for Ian.
BEST RAINBOW: 3lb 4oz for Derek Moore.
BEST BLUE: Several weighing 2lb.
BANK ROD AV: 1.00 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 1.00 fish per angler.
Sport: Very hot and very bright for most of the day, just how it should be this time of year! Anglers found things tricky in the sunshine but there were a few fish caught and a few tales of ones that got away. The best catch of the day went to Derek Moore with his 5 fish catch. Derek drifted all over the lake and caught on midas dry flies and diawl bach. Derek said the wind was very changeable and that when there was a bit of cloud cover the trout were willing to rise, just a shame there wasn’t that much cloud! There is supposed to be some cloud cover tomorrow, we will see. See you on the water.

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DATE:                                   Saturday June 28th
REPORT AUTHOR           Ben
NOTABLE CATCH:           12 fish to the boat for Ian Gaskell & Derek Moore, Paul Davison and Tom Speak and Kevin Warmsley and Kevin Madigan
NOTABLE BAG:                12 fish for 26lbs 3oz Paul Davison and Tom Speak
BEST RAINBOW:             3lb 14oz for Steve Cochrane
BEST BLUE: Several       2lb+
BEST BROWN:                  3 over 2lbs
BANK ROD AV:               ? fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:               3.60 fish per angler
Sport: On Saturday we held the Scierra Pairs Heat on Stocks. We had a great turn out with 20 pairs taking to the water to try and earn one of the 5 places in the Grand Final. It was great to see the Isle of Man crew over again and taking part in the match, it’s always a pleasure to see you guys. Likewise it great to see Phil Dixon, Louise and their new arrival. They are running a really well organised match and there are still some heats you can still enter. Just Google the Sceirra Pairs and you will see it.
On Saturday the first pair in with 12 trout were Ian Gaskell and Derek Moore who used booies and dries to great effect fished close in down the East Bank.
The 2nd Pair in was Paul Davison and Tom Speak who caught all 12 of their bag on Midas Dries, they too fished the east bank but up at the Northern End.
In 3rd place were Kevin Warmsley and Kevin Madigan who caught 12 trout on Black bits fished dry. I am not sure just where they caught them all but I saw them fishing out from Ben’s Beach.
The rest of the results are shown below, double click the picture to enlarge it.
Also, not shown last week, John Hood had a Jack pot tagged trout worth £400! See picture below

Scierra Pairs results 2014

Ian Gaskell and Derek Moore the Heat Winners. They caught their 12 fish by 2:30pm on the washing line and dries

Ian Gaskell and Derek Moore the Heat Winners. They caught their 12 fish by 2:30pm on boobies and dries.

Paul and Tom

Tom Speak and Paul Davison caught 12 trout by 4:15 on the midas fished dry

Brad Mackie and Steve Cochrane

Brad Mackie and Steve Cochrane were 4th with 11 trout for 23lbs 14oz

richard and John Hood

Richard and John Hood found pulling boobies worked well. They had 11 trout for 21lbs 15oz

Richard Hood Tagged fish

Last week Richard caught a Jackpot Tagged Fish. He claimed a bounty of £400!

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DATE: Sunday June 29th
NOTABLE CATCH: 8 trout for Elliot Horrocks
BEST RAINBOW: 3lbs 2oz for Ian Nicholson
BEST BLUE: 2.5lbs for several
BANK ROD AV: 1.7fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 3.4fish per angler

The fishing continues to be ‘hard’ as another splendid day has been enjoyed by all. As per recent form dry fly methods continue to b e the most popular and indeed the most productive. Elliot Horrocks found his fish in the Bell Point area however it’s worth giving some attention to the East Bank. Cumbrian visitors, father and son team the Nixons, had 14 fish to the boat from 10 Acre Foot commenting; ’black hopper tight as you can get to the bank’.
Others didn’t have too good a day and were disappointed. As fishermen we have a very well developed ability to make excuses and find reasons why we haven’t caught. Please be assured that there are fish in the water and plenty of them, therefore this can no longer be an excuse for not catching any.
A breakdown of the results from Saturday’s Scierra Pairs comp’ will be posted shortly.


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DATE:                               Friday June 27th
NOTABLE CATCH:       10+ trout for Kevin Warmsley
BEST RAINBOW:            4lbs 12oz for Phil Davies
BEST BLUE:                      3lbs 0oz Brad Mackie
BEST BROWN:                 3lbs 0oz for Chris Roberts
BANK ROD AV:               2.7 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:               4.0 fish per angler
Sport: Paul Bebb was out guiding with Rob Shelton they had 11 trout to the boat on dries and said they found fish all over. Now it gets a bit sketchy as some anglers were practising for the pairs match tomorrow. Jim Tuck and Rob Fearn had 12 to their boat, Kevin Warmsley and John Halsall had 15 to their boat and there were other good catches as well but details will no doubt be revealed tomorrow.
From the shore the top rod was Phil Davies who caught 8 trout to 4lbs 12oz on buzzers fished under the bung off the Dam Wall.
The trout seem very well spread over the reservoir and there are good numbers feeding high in the water.Tight Lines Ben

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