Fishing this Saturday?

The Stocks Marlins are looking for two anglers to complete their team of six to fish in the Anglian Aiflo competition on Saturday (June 9th). If you would like to help them out and fish with them, or would like some more info, please contact me ( Ben Dobson ) on messenger or call the lodge on 01200 446602.
Ps the roads to Stocks are all clear now.
Tight Lines Ben

DATE:                         Sunday May 3rd and Monday May 4th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 12 trout for Ryan Feber, 11 trout for James Vann & 10 trout for Hywel Morgan
NOTABLE BAG:         3 fish for 7lbs 7oz Warren Langridge
BEST RNB:                 3lbs 12oz Gavin Murray.
BEST BROWN:           Several wild fish
BANK ROD AV:          3.00 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:          4.88 fish per angler
Sport: Sunday was the day of the grand final of the 2018 Rio 4s and everything was to play for. Just 4 points separated the top 4 teams.
The trout were high in the water and we saw good bags taken on both dries and on lures pulled just below the surface on SSi lines.
Hywel Morgan got off to a great start taking trout from close into the Dam wall on mini lures.
Ryan Feber was using the same tactic around Gull Island and The Willows.
James Vann fished down the east bank and the dam arm to tempt a steady stream of trout to his net and both Dermot Speight and Steve Bland used a team of dries very effectively over Newclose and the Northern End of the reservoir. Between them these 5 anglers from both the Ospreys and the Harries caught a total of 50 rainbows not including wild brownies.
The top individuals from the other teams were as follows
The Falcons: Liam Gaskell with 8 fish
The Tanahill Raiders: Greame Bell with 8 fish
The Merlins: Richie Kelly with 4 fish
The Marlins: Gavin Murray with 5 fish.

The 2018 Rio 4s Champions are The Ospreys Winning £800 of Tackle Vouchers
The Ospreys had their lead depleted in round two when, despite being the first team to complete their bags, they lost on weight as other teams came in later with bigger fish. However a strong team performance in the final completed their consistent run and sealed the victory over the other teams. Good Angling Fellers.
The Runners up were The Harriers: Winning £400 of Tackle Vouchers
The Harriers are back with a vengeance. After a wobbly first round the Harriers were on the back foot, but two strong team performances in round 2 and the final saw them claim 2nd place and almost catch the Ospreys.
In 3rd Place were the Tanahill Raiders winning £200 of tackle vouchers.
The Raiders were last year’s runners up when they were pipped at the post by the Faclons after dominating the early rounds. This year they were consistent again and got their own back on the Falcons by pipping them into 4th position.
The full results are shown below. I hope you all enjoyed the 2018 Rio 4s, from my side, it’s been a pleasure to run and, as always, full of fun, good hearted banter and it’s thrown a few surprises.
Outside the competition and fishing on the shore Ian Nicholson took 6 trout from Grindy’s Lawn and the Dam on a floating line and black crunchers, good angling Ian, and
John Hocknell had 5 on daddies.
Today (Monday) the best catch in so far is by Ricky Newbolt, who hasn’t finished yet, but currently has six trout including a prize tagged fish winning him a £250 Tackle Voucher! Not a bad start to Ricki’s three day stay in our holiday apartment! Ricki caught all six on a hot head Damsel over Newclose Bay
Tight Lines Ben
Ps. Please ingnore the road closed sign at Slaidburn. The workers are now past the entrance to Stocks so we are accessabe from Slaiburn. However from the North (Bentham side) Fine if you get to us by 8amish otherwise it will likely be bocked while they ley Tarmac.

24 anglers fished and caught 117 trout giving a rod average of 4.9. Each member of the team was ranked 1 to 24 and then totalled to give a team score. The lowest score wins.

24 anglers fished and caught 117 trout giving a rod average of 4.9. Each member of the team was ranked 1 to 24 and then totalled to give a team score. The lowest score wins.

Saturday June 2nd

I can’t write too much today as many of the anglers were practicing for tomorrow’s Rio 4s. There were some good catches too one boat had seventeen fish and another fifteen fish, but it wasn’t just plain sailing.
I can tell you the Graham Taylor and Alan Postlethwaite who are staying in our holiday apartment had sixteen fish to their boat. They caught on daddies fished dry, daddies wished wet, cat’s boobies, cat’s whiskers and crunchers, the latter fished on both floating lines and intermediates. Their best are was the Dam arm and Two Trees to Bell Point. Good angling fellers. The best fish of the day was a 10lb+ over-wintered rainbow caught Tom Gott.
It was great to see Stuart Halford and the Mal de Mar gang out on the water today, it’s always a pleasure.
Our sole bank angler today, Jamie Morton had four on a half day ticket fishing dry hare’s ears at the Alders on the east bank. He missed another eleven and dropped two more. A fair bit of action for a 5hr ticket.
The fishery is open to all as usual tomorrow; the Rio 4s will just use 12 boats. Tight Lines Ben

Stocks:31st May and 1st June.

Sport: 31st May and 1st June. There have been a good number of good catches recorded over the last couple of days with trout being taken all over the lake. Most anglers have been on boats but the best catch from the bank goes to Antoon Gsybers with a 6 fish catch made in just a couple of hours this morning. Antoon caught his fish between Bell point and 2 trees with a cats whisker on the point and a nymph called a Kraken on the droppers on a floating line. David Manning took his boat to the northern end of the lake and fished washing lined buzzers around both willow and gull islands to take his 9 fish. Steve Bland also caught 9 fish from the same areas but this time on dry flies. Bob Fitzpatrick landed 8 rainbows from various areas and on different tactics. Steve Smalley also had a good day afloat with 12 fish to his boat. Steve caught all over the lake with his fish taking a wide variety of patterns. John, Jimmy, Ted and John staying in the apartment had a good day with the northern shallows being their best area with most of their trout being taken on black hoppers. Newclose bay was the hot spot for Neil Heath today with washing lined nymphs being his best tactic. Graham and Alan caught 15 trout between them this time at the causeway. They took their trout on humungus, boobys and daddys so a real mix there. There were many good catches and as you see fish all over and many tactics effective. Syotw Paul.

Wednesday May 30th

Just a quick update on the road repairs between Slaidburn and Stocks. The workers will let you though if you are coming to Stocks tomorrow or Friday. However if you get to fishery by 8am you will be assured of no delay and they finish work at 4pm after which, the roads will be clear and they will remain clear over the weekend.
Today fished well from the boats the rod average was 4.5 fish per angler. The trout came to a variety of methods all of which were fished near the surface. Washing lining crunchers on a floater got 13 trout for Mr Gillespy and his boat partner.
Gavin Murry had nine fish although I am not sure on his tactics.
Derek Moore and Gwyneth Moody had ten rainbows on dries and Felicity Appleton caught her second tagged fugitive trout of the season winning her a £50 tackle voucher.
Tight Lines Ben