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Fishing Reports


DATE: Sunday October 11th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 6 fish for Tom Speak
BEST RAINBOW: 2 lbs for Joe West
BANK ROD AV: 2.5 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 2.3 fish per angler
Great conditions on Stocks today and good sport was enjoyed. In particular the Northern Shallows fished very well on dries today, accounting for over 60% of total fish from the boats. Both Tom Speak and Dermot Speight (4 fish on dries) commented that they missed more than double the number in the net.
The remaining 40% (ish) of todays fish were caught exclusively on minkies as the trout continue to chase the abundant fry. Two Trees and Hartleys fished very well from the bank accounting for all of todays bank caught fish.


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DATE: Saturday 10th October
NOTABLE CATCHES: 6 fish for Bob Fitzpatrick, 10 to the boat Digger and Bernard McB’
NOTABLE BAG: 4 fish for 9lbs 8oz for Nigel Simpson
BEST RAINBOW: 2lbs 8oz for several
BEST BLUE: 2lbs 8oz(est) Bob Fitzpatrick
BANK ROD AV: fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 3.8 fish per angler
As autumn days go today was a very pleasant one and a joy to be outside in. The sport wasn’t too bad either.
Notably; Bob Fitzpatrick had six trout the boat, washing lining nymphs in the Northern Shallows. In the same area Ron Melling had three to the boat in his half day session, however Ron fished a claret midas on the surface to catch his. Digger and Bernard found drifting along Hartleys to be their best area to catch their 10, losing as many in the process.
On the bank Hartleys and Bens Beach were popular and also productive, for most at least. Pulling and or twitching boobies with a variety of sinking lines is the method of the day. Nigel Simpson took a respectable 4 fish bag, commenting that he had a pull every cast after 4pm.

The Stocks and Shares competition that was scheduled for tomorrow will now be postponed for a couple of weeks due to there being too few entries. Admittedly we announced the comp’ a little too late and will give more notice once a date is set.

Next time, Nick

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DATE:                                               Friday September 9th
REPORT AUTHOR                       Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:                  8 fish for Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley
NOTABLE BAG:                             3 fish for 8lbs Denis Doogan
BEST RAINBOW:                          3lbs for Peter Andrews, Andrew Bentley and Denis Doogan
BEST BROWN:                              1lb+
BEST BLUE:                                 2lbs+ Gary Towers and Andrew Bentley
BANK ROD AV:                           2.50 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                           2.60 fish per angler
Sport: It was another beautiful day with a good hatch of buzzer and loads of minnows shimmering across the flat calm surface.
From the shore John Fletcher caught five rainbows in a short session, two of which fell to a green buzzer fished with a foam daddy on the point and the other three fell to his own tied bloodworm pattern. His best area was Hartley’s Bank and in Hollins Bay.
Denis Doogan was also on a half day ticket and he caught four rainbows from two trees on a dabbler pattern fished on a floating line.
Out on the boats there were plenty of fish rising but anglers found them trick to catch. One boat however did get it sussed. Andrew Bentley and Peter Andrews fished close in along the Northern shore. They fished a floating line with a humongous booby on the point and diawl bach on the droppers with a dead slow retrieve. The caught sixteen trout between them including 12 rainbows, 3 browns and a blue. They said that they could have doubled their score if all the takes had stuck and that although they caught on the diawls the humongous booby took the lion’s share of the fish. Minnow feeders! Tight Lines Ben

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DATE: Thursday 8th September.
NOTABLE BAG: 4 fish weighing 9lb 5oz for Dennis Duggan.
BEST RAINBOW: Several weighing 3lb.
BEST BLUE: Several weighing 2lb.
BANK ROD AV: 7.75 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 1.40 fish per angler.
Sport: With the trout feeding close to the shore the bank anglers had the best of it today returning an excellent bank rod average of 7.75 fish per angler. The best catch recorded went to Brian Parker with 15 fish. Brian caught at 2 trees and barn quarry where he fished a black tadpole on a floating line. Another successful angler was Tony Taylor who landed 11 trout. Tony caught from Hartleys bank and Bell point with nymphs on a floating line being his best tactic. The best catch from the boats went to Derek Moore with his 4 fish. Derek caught his fish from the northern shallows with a midas dry fly being his best pattern. Top tip for boat anglers over the next few days. Unless there are rising fish out in open water where dry flies will score stick close to the shore and cast tight into the margins 1 ft from the bank. Trout can be caught in just a few inches of water. Syotw.

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The appalling weather that was forecast for today probably helped anglers make the decision not to venture out fishing, therefore it was quiet at Stocks. The bad weather, however, didn’t happen, reminding us all not to believe the forecast; at least not when a day’s fishing is on the cards.
Three boats occupied by 5 anglers caught 8 fish between them. Two bank anglers managed to land 6. Notably Tony Taylor had a nice brown from Ben’s Beach, weighing in at 2lbs, this alongside a couple of handsome rainbows. Minkies and cats boobies did it for Tony.
Joan Lyndsay continued her good form with 3 to the boat, along with a few dropped and lots of action. Joan and David’s best drifts were tight into the bank in Hollins, Two Trees and Barn Quarry, finding action on daddies, diawl bachs and beetle patterns.
Phil Bell-Scott, top rod with four to the boat, caught on various (black booby, cormorant and diawl bach), finding all of his fish in the Northern Shallows.
Tomorrow’s forecast is very pleasant indeed so, based on the above, now’s the time to make your decision to fish.
Sunday’s ‘Stocks and Shares comp’’ has plenty of places left so call with your entry asap’ to secure your place.


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DATE: Tuesday 6th October.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 9 fish for Derek Moore, 7 fish for Bob Fitzpatrick.
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish weighing 5lb for Keith Howard.
BEST RAINBOW: Several weighing 3lb.
BEST BROWN: 2lb 4oz for Keith Howard.
BEST BLUE: 2lb 8oz for M Greenhalgh.
BANK ROD AV: 2.40 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 4.25 fish per angler.
Sport: The best catches from the bank today went to M Greenhalgh and G Keighley who caught 4 fish each. Both anglers fished from Bell point where foam beetles and diawl bach on a floating line was their best tactic. The top boat was Derek Moore and Bob Fitzpatrick with 16 fish between them. They drifted all over the northern shallows and caught all their fish on midas and heather fly dries. They also said they had lots of other chances. This afternoon the wind dropped for 20 minutes and there were trout rising all over the main basin to emerging buzzers, good to see. Syotw.

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Stocks and Shares Fly Fishing Competition
Sunday October 11th 2015

This is a fun final fling boat match as we approach the end of the 2015 season.
It is fished as follows:
All entrants pay £13.50 into the Stocks and Shares pot. The fishery fees will be £31.50 for your fishing and boat hire. Ie. £45.00 all in per angler.
Flies are fished to fishery rules from drifting boats.
It will be fished from 10am to 5pm
Each fish caught wins you one share of the pot. E.g. If twenty anglers entered it would give a total Pot value of £270. If 27 fish were caught each fish in your bag would be worth £10. If just one fish was caught it would be worth £270 and so on. The first two fish caught are to be killed for a final weigh in should there be a draw.
As well as a share of the pot individuals placed first and second will win generous tackle prizes.
If you would like to enter then please call the fishery on 01200 446602 and book in so that we have a good idea of numbers.

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Wet in the morning then dry with cloud cover in the afternoon made for some good catches. On the boats were 6 anglers who caught 32 fish between them, giving an average of 5.3 fish per rod.
The vast majority of the 32 were caught in the Northern Shallows, the east side of Gull Island and the Saddle areas. Anglers reported that there were a great many fish active in the northern areas. Top rod today, Ian Greenwood with 10 fish, caught mostly on a black tadpole fished down in the water with an intermediate line. Also affective from the boats were tequila blobs/boobies dragged back across the surface, black spiders, silver Invictas and seasonal favourite the foam daddy.
There were bank anglers today and they were seen to catch some fish. Unfortunately no catch returns were handed in therefore I’m unable to give any feedback. Please give us your returns slip, without it we are unable to post our reports.
Lastly; Derek Moore has today fed back the final figure from the last Air Ambulance fundraiser we held at the end of August. A healthy £969.61 was raised in total, thanks to the efforts of all involved. Derek and the team at Stocks would like to thank all who participated and contributed in whatever way (Digger’s wife makes amazing cakes you know!), not forgetting the anglers themselves who’s entries make it the great event it is. Above all; well done Derek for making it happen and we look forward to more of the same next year.


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DATE: Sunday October 4th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 3 fish for Joan Lyndsay and Felicity Appleton, 4 for John Wilkinson
NOTABLE BAG: 3 fish for 8lbs 0oz Felicity Appleton
BEST RAINBOW: 3lbs 0oz for John Wilkinson
BEST BLUE: 2lbs 0 oz for S Blake
BANK ROD AV: 2.0 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 0.8 fish per angler
Today was very much ‘ladies day’ with Joan and Felicity amongst the top rods on boat and bank respectively todaym, being pipped only by John Wilkinson with 4 fish. John caught all 4 from Bell Point fishing a daddy dry. Today proved harder than yesterday when cloud cover was lost early afternoon, giving way to blue skies and bright sunshine. In general methods and areas were the same as yesterday, with daddys and minkies scoring best.
All bank anglers take note; between Hollins and Bell Point there are many fish close in the margins, although catching them isn’t ‘easy’ the sport is there to be enjoyed..

Next time, Nick

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DATE: Saturday October 3rd
NOTABLE CATCHES: 11 fish for Jim Hunter, 5 fish for Paul Jones
BEST RAINBOW: 4lbs 0oz for Andrew Briggs
BANK ROD AV: 3.75 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 2.6 fish per angler
With the weather markedly cooler and less bright today fished better than the last couple of days. In fact, with visibility down to about 50 yards until midday a couple of boat anglers reported losing their bearings and becoming lost!
Top rod of the day, Jim Hunter, landed 11 fish from Bell Point. Jim had the majority on a minkies and a couple on cormorants, commenting that the trout are chasing fry in the edges. Paul Jones did best out of those afloat with 5 fish all caught to a large pink boobie, fished with a floating line and pulled steadily across the surface. Young (12 yrs) Cameron Price visited again this weekend and maintained his form following last weekend with 3 fish to the boat, fishing a foam beetle and daddy. Cameron caught his 3 in the Saddle area.
Calm and overcast again tomorrow, come on down!


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