Monday 29th march


Monday 29th march.

Report Author:


Best Catch:

21 fish for Tom Anderson.

Heaviest Bag:


Best Rainbow:

8lb for Mark Tyndall.

Best Brownie:


Bank Rod Av:


Boat Rod Av:

10.83 fish per angler.

Sport: The weather wasn’t up to much today with a cold east wind and showers on and off for most of the day. Despite these conditions there were still some great catches made with the northern shallows being the place to be. Tom Anderson and Colin McClocken had a super mornings sport landing a staggering 36 trout between them, all in a half day session! They found the northern shallows crawling with trout and used a tadpole fished on a medium sinking line to catch them. Also out on a boat and into the trout was Mark Tyndall who landed 14 fish. Mark also found the northern shallows productive with a sinking line and various lures being his winning tactic. We could do with the weather improving but if it does or if it does not one thing is for sure, the northern shallows will still be lifting with trout. Just check out todays boat rod average! See you on the water Paul.

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