Stocks: Sunday March 28th

Date:                            Sunday March 28th
Report Author:       Ben
Best Catch:               18 trout for Dave Morris
Heaviest Bag:          2 trout for 9lbs 8oz
Best Rainbow:        8lbs Dave Morris
Best Brownie:         7lbs to Dave Zalans
Bank Rod Av:         2.71
Boat Rod Av:         7.56
Sport: It was a windy start to the day which made fly presentation and control difficult, so not surprisingly, mini lures and patterns designed to be retrieved out fished the more realistic nymphs and buzzers. The boats were definitely the place to be. Al Beaumont and Dave Morris once again showed everybody how it’s done. They caught steadily all day from quite a few different areas and ended the day with 33 trout to their boat. Here are a few factors that I think contribute to their consistent success.
1.    They always fish from a drifting boat. This means that they are much more likely to find hot spots and they don’t overfish one area where the trout have been spooked. An added bonus to drift fishing is that other anglers can join in the drift share the good sport.
2.    They work the depths. Matt talked about the Di5 sweep line in an earlier report and this is a line that they use to great effect to explore the different levels.
3.    Good conversion rate. By not striking at pulls and tugs when flies are being retrieved they don’t move the flies away from the pursuing trout. Instead a continued retrieve will often result in the line going tight and the rod can just be lifted under the tension of a well hooked fighting fish.
4.    Good Technique. They are very good at trying different retrieves until they have found the most productive one. Incidentally if you haven’t fished ‘the hang’ or ‘the lift’ before now then ask any of us in the lodge to show you, I guarantee it will increase your catch rate.
5.    Confidence. They fish with patterns that they have previously done well on or that they know are very likely to work well. You fish so much better when you are expecting to catch so try to build up a selection of flies that you have confidence in.
6.    Good Angling! Something that grows a bit every time you go fishing.
(If you normally fish on the anchor and fancy a go at drift fishing ask to borrow my drogue from the lodge I’ll leave it behind the counter. If you want to buy one the Greys or Wychwood drogues sold in the shop are perfect.)

Also out on a boat today Derek Moore was fishing over the Northern Shallows he had ten fine trout all of which fell to either an orange blob or a green pea. Paul Bebb was guiding with David McCabe and Joan Lindsey they took ten fish to 4lbs from Willow Island on various lures.
The shore was bit tougher once again Bell Point was a hot spot and so was Hollins Bay. The bank anglers did however have more success on the nymphs and buzzers. Dave Zalans was no exception he caught the lovely 7lb brownie pictured below on a black buzzer from the stream channel in Hollins. He also lost another monster from the same spot and guessed that to be another brownie.
Tight Lines Ben

dave-zalens-7lb-brownieDave Zalans with a 7lb Brownie caught on a black buzzer.

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