Stocks Friday 26th March

Date:    Friday 26th March
Report Author:    Matthew
Best Catch:    16 fish for Alistair Beaumont
Heaviest Bag:
Best Rainbow:    Several at 4lb +
Best Brownie:    Neville Pinheiro 10lb
Bank Rod Av:    3.1 fish per angler
Boat Rod Av:    5.1 fish per angler
Sport:  Changeable day weather wise and an influx of water overnight can often spell the makings of a tricky day. However the fish are still there and it is often just a case of finding the right depth. Doing just that was regular Alistair, Fishing a Sweep line Alistair had the advantage of covering variable depths. For those of you unfamiliar with this line let me try to explain: – The line consists of a Di3 front followed by a belly of line equal to a Di 5 then a further length again equal to a Di 3. If you’re still following me you will be able to imagine the result, a cast that fishes 3 depths in one chuck. The results can be phenomenal and I think we may see more and more from this line as the season progresses. Do feel free to ask us in the shop to explain the principles again as I have been sat here for 40 minutes trying to put in to text what I can explain in just a few minutes!
Alistair finished a short session with 16 fish all falling to black lures on the above mentioned line.
Elsewhere on the water surprisingly little Diawl bachs still did the trick and no one fishes them better than regular Anton Gysbers  netting six fish in all but 2 hours! Anton fished Hollin’s bay with a very slow retrieve being paramount to success.
Lures from Bell Point were well swum today with any of a black and green guise doing the trick. Often Bell Point will always prevail in gusty conditions with the fish cruising up and down the margins.
Landing himself in the doubles club today Neville Pinheiro with a lovely Brown just tipping the scales at 10lb. Neville found the fish from a drifting boat again from Bell Point.
Rob Jones and Chris Roberts found 13 fish between them drifting down into the Causeway with buzzers and Diawl Bachs on floating lines been the most productive.
Taking to the water once again was our Paul with Gary Lloyd between them they netted 19 fish with the green pea staying true to form. Incidentally Gary has hardly ever lifted a fly rod and under Paul’s watchful eye he took 5 fine trout home for the pot!
All in all a super day with some challengeable fishing however as is often the case the right method brought the rewards!
Here’s to a good weekend.
Tight lines Matthew.

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