Stocks:Sunday 30th August

Date:    Sunday 30th August.
Report Author:    Paul.
Best Catch:    13 fish for Mike Williams.
Heaviest Bag:    5 fish weighing 16lb 10oz for Mike Williams.
Best Rainbow:    Several weighing 4lb.
Best Brownie:    Several weighing 2lb 8oz.
Bank Rod Av:     3.40 fish per angler.
Boat Rod Av:     4.26 fish per angler.
Sport: The weather conditions this morning were ideal for trout fishing with reasonable temperatures, a gentle ripple and plenty of cloud cover and these conditions stayed for most of the day, it was only this evening when it started to drizzle. There ware some good catches recorded today with the best of the sport falling to the boat anglers. John and Mike Williams both had a good day landing at least 18 fish to their boat. They found Bibio patterns effective with their two best areas being Newclose bay and the northern shallows. Joan Lindsay and David McCabe also had a good day landing 10 fine rainbows between them. Their best pattern was an olive nomad and like other boat anglers they found the northern shallows to be their best area. Tony Taylor and Frank Hartley landed 16 trout, this time from several marks along  the east bank with the majority of their fish falling for booby’s. There were other good catches made with a variety of patterns and tactics working well, one thing that was apparent was the fact that the trout were lying very high in the water, a point worth baring in mind should these warm overcast conditions continue.  See you on the water Paul.

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