Stocks Fly Fishery report 12th July- 19th July





Stocks Fly Fishery report 13th July- 19th July

Rod average: 2.45
Best bag from the boats: 8 fish for Jose Villarino. Jose fished a long sink tip line with a pink snake on the point, pearly cormorant on the dropper, and a orange blob on the top. He caught from all over the lake.
Best bag from the bank: 6 for Andy Hargreaves in a half day
Biggest rainbow: 10lb for James Dryden caught on a buzzer from Hollins Bay.
9lb for Paul Stirrup.
8lb fish for Andy Hargreaves, Chris Guthrie, Stuart Halford.
Biggest blue: 6lb for Chris Guthrie
Biggest brown: wild fish up to 1lb.

Best boat areas:
Newclose Bay
Willow island
Holins bay
Grindys lawn

Best bank areas:
Bell point
Holins bay
The dam
Two trees

5 flies to try:
Foam daddy long legs
Hothead damsel
Pearly cormorant
Red holographic Diawl Bach
Pink snake

Thursday saw some excellent catches from the boats and bank. On the bank James Dryden landed a stunning double on a buzzer from Hollins Bay.
The boats saw good numbers of fish with plenty of bigger fish mixed in.
Stuart Halford landed 6 including a 8lb rainbow fishing a cat booby from a di5 in the margins
Wayne Dent had 7 pulling lures on a floating line.
Chris Guthrie had 7 with an 8lb rainbow and a 6lb blue! Chris fished dries as well as lures in an intermediate.

Bill Gemmel had a great bag landing 7 fish to 6lb from Willow Island.

Neil heath and Gywneth Mooney had a great day bring 11 to their boat. They fished the area around the causeway and willow Island with snakes covering rising fish in the clam lanes.

Andy Hargreaves fished 2 short sessions on the 18th and 19th. He landed 10 fish to 8lb and lost a double! Andy also landed a tag fish worth £100 in tackle. The fish fell to washing lining tactics with a tequila booby on the boat, flashback diawl and cormorant on the droppers.

Tag fish winners:

2 of the 5 £100 tackle vouchers have been caught. Remember the next 3 are all worth a minimum of a £100 tackle voucher!

Andy Hargreaves: £100 tackle voucher
Felicity Appleton: £100 tackle voucher

Look forward to seeing you up here soon 🙂

Tight lines!
Ben (Foxy)

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