Stocks Report 29th of May to the 01st of June 2020

100626969_972809369844959_6606668773749424128_nImportant Announcements!

We have now got a toilet open.
The boat restrictions have been altered and we are now allowing 2 people in a boat (same household or not) We ask that everyone still practices social distancing.

Just to remind everyone that booking bank fishing is not required so please do turn up on the day.

However we strongly recommend booking boats to avoid disappointment

Pre payment over the phone is not necessary as we have a pay station set up at the door of the lodge, but if you would prefer we are still able to take payment over the phone.

Stocks Report 29th of May to the 01st of June 2020

Rod Average: 4.24

Best bag: 14 for Wayne Dent, 15 for Neil Heath, 12 for Adam Dent, 28 to the boat for Elliot and Ken Horricks, 12 for Matt Kneale, 14 for Shaun Gaskell

Biggest Brown: Loads of Wild Browns upto 1.5lb

Biggest Blue: Several around 3lb

Biggest Rainbow: some cracking fish of 4.5-6lb coming out!

5 flies to try:
Red Holographic Diwal Bach
Sunburst blob
Dawsons olive
Daddy long legs
Black Foam Detached Body Hopper

Best bank areas:
Crooks Creek
Bell Point
Along the east bank from the alders down to the willows

Best boat areas:
Main Basin
The northern shallows
Crooks Creek
Open water 50 yards out from the east bank.

The conditions have been against our anglers over the last few days with bright sunshine and an north east wind! But we have still had some wonderful sport from boat and bank.

Shaun Gaskell took Joe Harris (NHS co worker) out on Friday, Shawn found washing lining cormorants with a Fab on the point worked well taking the vast majority of his fish, Joe (on his second fly fishing trip) landed 4 on a foam daddy long legs.

Also out on Friday Wayne and Adam Dent got amongst the fish returning 26 on cormorants and sunburst blobs fished from a floating line, the found open water off the willows to be their best area.

On the bank Paul Nutter landed 7 rainbows on sunburst blobs fished from an intermediate line from the dam.

Saturday saw Elliot and Ken Horricks take an impressive bag of 28 from the northern shallows and crooks creek. They found succsess fishing dawsons olives from a floating line.
Mick and Sue Mercer also had a great day landing 8 on Diawl Bachs and blobs.

On the boats on Sunday we had Neil Heath take 15 on buzzers and boobies drifting out from the causeway. Neil told us that variation of retrieve speed and style was his key to his success and a majority of his fish took the buzzers.
Gary and Steve Martin popped out for an evening session landing 8 on black dries including the ever popular hopper booby.

Monday saw much the same with challenging conditions, Matt Kneale still managed an awesome result from the northern shallows taking 12 on Daddy Long Legs patterns fished from a midge tip.

I haven’t got the figures for Tuesday or today (Wednesday) but from what I’ve heard there’s still plenty of fish being caught!

Look forward to seeing you all up here
Tight Lines

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