Stocks is on Fire! 15th/16th May 2020

Stocks is on fire! 15/16th May 2020


Rod average: 11.28

Biggest bag: Several cricket scores for Robbie Turner, John Chippendale, Steve Smalley, Ryan Feber and loads more 20+ bags.

Heaviest 5 fish bag: 23lb 14oz Rob Flude

Biggest Rainbow: 9lb 8oz Rob Flude

Biggest Brown: 8lb John Romand (John also brought a 17 ¾ lb 5 fish bag to the scales)

Biggest Blue: Several of 3lb

Tag fish winners:

Peter Andrews won a £100 Tackle Voucher

Ryan Ashworth won a Fulling Mill Fly Box and 50 Dry Flies (to be collected)

Paul Whitley won 5 100m spools of Fulling Mill V2 Fluorocarbon


Top bank areas:

Newclose Bay round to Eaking shallows

The Dam

Bell Point


Top boat areas:

Northern Shallows

The Buoy Line

The East bank


5 flies to try:

Cats Whisker Booby

Black Daddy Long Legs

Black Hoppers

Orange Blob

Red Holographic Diawl Bach


Stocks has fished very well since re opening with fish confidently feeding after the break in angling pressure. Following on from the success of Wednesday and Thursdays bank fishing Friday saw the boats out and enjoying some fantastic sport. John Chippendale was the first to record a cricket score all on dries from the Buoy Line. John Romand brought f fish to the scales for 17 ¾ lb including a corking 8lb brown. The rod average was 17.1 at the end of the day! There were several more cricket scores taken the next day and 2 main methods were doing the damage, dry flies and pulling lures on lines between a di3 and a fast glass both methods took large numbers of fish from all around the reservoir with Newclose bay to the northern shallows being a hot spot. Saturday produced much of the same with Robbie Turner and his dad Anthony landing a cricket score Joe Root would be proud of. Rob Flude landed a cracking 9lb 8oz rainbow in his bag weighing 26lb 14oz, Rob caught on a Cats Whisker. On the bank John Tyson banked a 7lb rainbow from Hartley’s along with 14 more.

Myself, Big Ben (Dobson) and Paul would like to thank everyone who has respected the social distancing measures we have put in place and we hope everyone has enjoyed there first session or 2 since the lockdown was introduced.


We still have some boats available for the rest of next week and plenty of space on the bank.

Tight lines and stay safe!




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