Stocks fishery report: 17th-23rd September 2019
Rod average: 1.7
Top Rod: Terry Farrell 8 fish
Biggest fish: Steve Martin 11lb 8oz
Top bank areas:
Hollins bay
Bell point
Top boat areas:
Northern shallows
Curry’s cast

Five flies to try:
Blue Flash Damsel
Sunburst Blob
Green Pea
Foam Daddy Long Legs
Junglecock Diawl Bach

A week of two halves with early signs promising! 12 fish for Wayne Dent and Adam Ingraham who caught over the Northern Shallows with sunburst blobs on fast intermediate lines. Sport started to get harder as strong winds and bright skies came, fish were still coming out to the persistent angler and we saw a few 7-11lb fish out over the weekend.
The Stocks and Shares Comp was held on Saturday and won by Andy Cooper with 2 fish bagging him £20 + a cash prize and 4 packets of Fnf Fritz, Colin Fitzjohn was second again getting £20 for his fish a further cash prize and 4 Packets of Fnf Fritz
Sunday morning was…wet, to say the least! The heavy downpours eventually gave way to a lovely afternoon and misty evening with fish moving well tight in along Hollins Bay- Bell Point. We stocked Sunday afternoon and with the level set to rise again we should see an increase in the sport!

The last day of the season will be the 4th of November

Tight lines!


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