Stocks ‘n’ Shares 21st September 2019

“Bright and breezy never easy!”

Strong winds and bright sun often lead to hard fishing and that’s exactly what we had for our Stocks ‘n’ Shares Competition. 8 anglers took to the water after putting £10 in the pot to be shared out at the end. The total in the pot is then divided by the number of fish caught and each fish caught by an angler is worth a ‘share’ of the pot. 10 fish were caught and with a bit added by us each fish was valued at £10.

1st and 2nd also received additional cash prizes and 4 packets of FNF Fritz. 3rd also received 4 packets of FNF Fritz

Well done to Andy Cooper on another Stocks Competition won this year!

Tight lines,


Andy Cooper’s bag weight was actually 4lb 5oz not 2lb 7oz as i have wrongly put in the table. Apologises


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