Stocks fishery report: 10th-16th September 2019

Rod average: 2.2
Top Rod: Scott Pozzini with 14 fish
Best bag: Alan Daniels 4 fish for 16lb
Biggest fish: Neil Heath 9lb 8oz rainbow

Top bank areas:
Grindys lawn
Two trees
Grange pont

Top boat areas:
Northern shallows
Curry’s cast
Grange Point

Five flies to try:
Hothead Damsel
Red holo cruncher
Green pea
Foam daddy long legs
Junglecock cheeked diawl bach

Changeable weather has seen changeable fishing. There’s been two very distinct ways to take the fish which have emerged over the past few days. Damsels and greenpeas fished with a fast figure of eight retrieve on lines from a fast intermediate to a floater and dries, particularly foam daddy long legs. There’s been reports of plenty of daddys falling onto the water and, when conditions suit, a lot of surface activity.

Tight lines!


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