Stocks Fishing Report: week ending Sunday 25th

Stocks has come into good form with the increase in water level, we have had a mixed week of weather with strong winds giving way to bright calm conditions this weekend. Fish have been caught consistently over the newly flooded ground in the northern shallows with chucking lures and dries tight in proving to be a killer tactic.

Rod Average: 3.7
Top rod: Robert Clelland with 12 fish
Robert Clelland had two days on the boats and took top rod with 12 mostly on dries this Friday, small midge patterns and foam daddies taking the lions share. He then went out for a half day on Saturday and netted 4 bows, a good score in the bright conditions that faced us, Dawson’s olive taking the fish.
Best bag: 5 fish for 12lb 8oz
Biggest fish: Several fish of 4-5lb
Best boat areas: Northern Shallows, Spillway (Dam), Willow “Island” (more of a point as the level hasn’t quite surrounded it) Causeway
Best bank areas: Hollins Bay, Two Trees, Bell Point, The Dam
Top flies:
Dries: Daddy Long Legs, Fiery Brown Bobs Bits, Bibio Hopper
Nymphs: Green Holographic Diawl Bach, Red Holographic Cruncher
Lures: Deadly Damsel, Peaches and Cream Booby, minkies



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