Sunday July 7th to Thursday July 11th

DATE:                              Sunday July 7th to Thursday July 11th
NOTABLE CATCHES:    A cricket score for Matt Turner, 12 for Don Glover, 12 for Derek Moore. 10 for Richard Wincer (half day)
BEST RNB:                  12lbs for Duncan Watson, 9lbs 8oz for Ricki Newbolt, 8lb 4oz for John Crook
BEST BLUE:                 Several @ 2lbs+
BEST BAG:                   5 trout for 15lbs 12oz for Roy Dickinson
WEEKLY ROD AV:       4.30 fish per angler
Sport: On Sunday and Monday the fishing was tricky for most and then the sport picked up again on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
On Sunday the top rod was Duncan Watson with 7 fish and his catch included a good rainbow of around 12lbs. Duncan caught on daddies, cat boobies and bibios fished on a floater. Derek Moore had five fish on dries and Gary Martin tempted five fish to the washing line whilst drifting the east bank.
Monday was also a tricky day, but Don Glover found a way. Don fished dry sedge patterns whilst drifting all around Dam area to catch 12 trout up to 3lbs. Good angling Don. Pat McClintic had a productive half day with five good fish. All took dries in the dam area.
On Tuesday Matt Turner had a red-letter day. He got off to a flying start taking twelve on the washing line from Bell Point. He caught mainly on the diawl bachs on the droppers. He then moved around to Barn Quarry and Two Trees where the booby came into its own. Matt ended up with a cricket score that Bairstow would have been happy with! He also had tagged trout but hadn’t entered. Unlucky Matt. Richard Wincer came for an afternoon session and took ten fish from Bell point in just half a day. Well done Richard.
On Wednesday we had a few more boats out on the water. Derek Moore had twelve rainbows to daddies and cat boobies. He caught close in down the east bank, at the dam and off Bell Point. Gwyneth Mooney and Felicity had 14 to their boat. From the Dam and the east bank. They too caught on dries and cats.
Andy and Ben Frankitt took 12 rainbows on nemo crunchers whilst boat fishing in Grindy’s Lawn. Well done guys.
On the shore Alex Hitchen took six fish from Bell Point and Roy Duckworth took five from Two Trees. Roy cast out blue flash damsels and deadly damsels out over the drop off. His five fish went 15lbs 12oz. Both Alex and Roy were both on half day tickets. Fishing a for just a short session from Bell Point was John Crook. He used diawl bachs to catch his bag of three that tipped the scales to 13lbs 12oz! Helped by a rainbow of 8lbs 4oz. Well done John.
That brings us to today (Thursday 11th) Ricki Newbolt was on good form. He caught eleven trout including a rainbow of 9lb 8oz and played another six. Ricki drifted the shoreline along Hartley’s, round Bell Point and down Ben’s Beach. He then drifted the east bank from Ten Acre Foot to David’s Drain. He had a Dawson’s olive on the point and a green pea on the dropper.
On the shore Keith Landless took advantage of a few free hours to take seven on buzzers from Grindy’s Lawn. I still have a few boats out so if there so if there are any big scores out there, I will report next time. Tight Lines Ben

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