Stocks is on Fire! Weekly Report.

DATE:                          Saturday April 6th to Thursday April 11th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 25 trout for Andy Campbell and for John Brown
BEST BAG:                  5 Fish for 16lbs 1oz for Dermot Speight
BEST RNB:                  7lbs for Ian Riddicks, 6lbs 3oz Dermot Speight.
BEST BLUE:                Several @ 2lbs
WEEKLY ROD AV:       7.92 fish per angler
Sport: Well Stocks has been on fire over the last six days. The sport at the weekend was simply brilliant, especially from the boats, but we did see some great catches from the shore as well.
Saturday 6th: The top boat was Shaun Ramshaw and Adam Collinson who landed 23 trout between them. Their best areas were Ben’s Beach and The Causeway, but their methods differed between the two locations. At the Causeway they used Di5 lines and two boobies with a slow retrieve and down Ben’s Beach it was intermediate lines casting hothead lures into the margins. Good angling fellers.
Also out on a boat was John Sykes, he fished the washing line around Willow Island to tempt seventeen trout. He found the fish high in the water and in the mood to feed, and this hasn’t changed all week!
Steve Bland had 10 rainbows including a tagged trout that won him a Full day five fish ticket. Steve fished buzzers along the Northern shallows.
Neil Heath and Gary Martin had nine to their boat, but I am not sure what they were using.
Ben Fox also fished the washing and took 11 trout in total from all over the reservoir. The trout are really spread out now with all the usual hot spots producing quality catches.
On the shore Darren Barlow and his son Daniel were fishing between Hollins and the jetty. They had ten trout between them, but that’s not the full story. Daniel took one of his dad’s home tied lures then beat him 8-2 on it! And he landed a cracking 4lb rainbow (see pic below) Well done Daniel!
The top rod on the shore was Sean Dodd who took 13 rainbows on a black n gold humongous. Sean caught his between Barn Quarry and Hollins Bay.
Peter Searle had seven nice fish including a tagged trout that won him a £50 tackle Voucher. He caught all his fish along Ben’s Beach on a green pea. Ben’s beach has remained a hotspot all week.
Sunday April 7th: Today we had the first heat of the RIO 4s and what cracking day it was. Each team of four were split into two pairs. Each pair fished together in the same boat to try and complete a bag of 10 trout. On completion of their bag they then returned to the jetty and they received a bonus weight based on their time of completion. They were then ranked in order. For the first time ever, ever all 10 pairs completed the bag of ten fish.
The first pair in taking just 1hr and 10 minutes were Andy Campbell and John Brown. They drifted from the Jetty area into Hollins fast roly polying a fast glass with blobs and a lure on the point. They could see the trout bow waving after their flies and had three double hook ups! After losing a few as well the finished, had a quick brew then took their method around the reservoir to build a cricket score. Great angling guys.
Andy and John’s team mates were the next pair in at 12:50 using a very similar method. However, the table was upset when Steve Bland and Dermot Speight later returned from the northern shallows with a heavy bag of fished. Helped by a 6lb 3oz rainbow caught by Dermot. Even though it was capped at 5lbs, difference in weight was more than enough to make up for the smaller time bonus’s and it was them that took top spot. Well done fellers. The full results are below.
It was a busy day on Stocks and yet the rod average was 10.91 on the boats and 6.00 on the bank. Trout seemed to be everywhere!
Monday, Tuesday 8th & Wednesday the 9th: A stiff easterly wind dominated the scene, and this made the fishing trickier. The top boat on Monday was Mark Tyndall and Canada Neil who had eleven trout between them. Their best area was the gate at the spillway, an area that proved productive for other anglers too.
Interestingly even though it was bright and windy Terry Farrell still took six fish from right near the surface. Three on a floating black beetle and three on black cormorant. He caught at the Alders and along Hartley’s bank.
The top rod on the shore was Russell Fergusson who fished near the jetty with bobbies on a sinking line to get under the wave. Russell had 10 fish up to 3lbs 8oz.
It was great to see Ian Riddicks and the boys back again, making use of holiday let above the lodge. They had all caught well on Sunday and Monday with fish up to 7lbs, but the wind on Tuesday proved too much, so they opted for the more sheltered Bank House instead.
In fact, only one angler ventured out into the wind on Tuesday. Mark Diamond fished along the Alders with an orange snake to tempt nine good fish up to 4lbs.
On Wednesday 10th the conditions were changeable, but they had improved considerably. The wind did pick up at times and then died down again. Derek Moore and Felicity Appleton drifted in various places around the reservoir and caught fish everywhere they went. Their hot spot though was along Ben’s Beach. They used intermediate lines with booby blobs and hothead lures with a fast roly poly retrieve and ended up with thirty trout between them.
Ben Fox and Kieran Donaghy had fifteen between them drifting the Northern shallows and Willow Island with Di5 lines and blobs.
Kieran’s dad Phil had a good session on the shore taking 7 trout up to 4lbs along Hartley’s, all took a gold headed damsel.
Also on the shore: Ken Whiteside had 15 rainbows along Ben’s Beach fishing his home tied UDF pattern and Keith Landless landed nine including a nice brownie on a tadpole fished from Bell Point.
Today Thursday April 11th: This has been the nicest day on the week and surprisingly we were quite quiet. Just a few boats out and few bank anglers. The top boat was Steve Bland and Bob Fitzpatrick. Steve fished buzzers under the bung and bob washing lined diawl backs just under the surface. They both caught well and ended up with 23 trout between them. Not bad for a half day ticket! They commented that trout were rising everywhere, this is something I have heard a lot this week and it was something said by our top bank angler today. Matt Turner fished along Hartley’s bank and around Bell Point. He caught on a variety of patterns and said that the key was to fish high in the water. His best method was washing lining diawls on a floater and he ended up with 23 trout to the net. Well done Matt.
Stocks is on fire at the moment. Find the right depth and retrieve and you are away. Tight Lines Ben

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