Saturday March 31st to Thursday April 4th

DATE:                          Saturday March 30th to Thursday April 4th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 14 trout for Duncan Watson
BEST RNB:                  10lbs for Duncan Watson
BEST BROWN:             5lbs Mr ?
WEEKLY ROD AV:      5.34 fish per angler
Sport: The fishing has continued to very good and at times the trout have been feeding off the top right across the reservoir.
On Saturday we held our ‘Trout Masters Fish Off’ and a small, but quality field, fished a pegged match around Bell Point. The winner will represent the fishery in the grand final held later in the year. Taking top honours was Graham Bell who landed seven rainbows for a total weight of 15lbs 8oz. Graham used a tadpole and cormorants to build his bag. Good angling Graham and good luck in the final.
Running a close second and still suffering from loseyfishyitus was Andy Cooper with five trout for 9lbs 8oz.
Out the boats some of the anglers were really getting amongst the fish. Duncan Watson used a combination of orange peas, dabblers and cormorants to tempt 14 trout. Duncan caught at Curry’s Cast, Gull Island and along the Northern Shallows and his catch included a rainbow of 10lbs+ (see pic) and another of around 7lbs.
Neil Ashworth landed 12 rainbows on black blobs he concentrated his efforts around Willow Island and the Northern Shallows.
Ian Eckersley fished a similar area to take ten rainbows on cat’s whiskers.
Paul Davison and Berny Mayor had 18 rainbows between them using a combination blobs, dabblers and cat’s lures.
The good sport continued into Sunday as well.
Farther and son team Ian and Liam Gaskell had 21 to their boat fishing various lures over the Northern Shallows.
Derek Moore and Felicity Appleton had 19 fish between them on very similar tactics, and Gary Martin and Neil Heath put 13 in their boat from Gull Island and Newclose. They found black lures, damsels and blobs most effective.
The weather then took a bit of a turn with colder air temperatures and an easterly breeze. It reduced the number of anglers visiting the fishery but it hasn’t had a negative effect on the fishing and we have seen good catches each day this week.
On Monday Simon Dodd took six fish on a half day ticket from Newclose on a Dawson’s Olive and, also on a half day ticket but on the shore, Peter Biscomb took seven fish on a viva from Bell Point and Hartley’s Bank.
On Tuesday we just had a handful of anglers on the bank all on half day tickets Brian Thomas, James Byrne and Mike Towey all had four trout mainly on black goldheads or boobies.
Wednesday saw the return of the boat anglers. I drove through snow to get to Stocks and was really surprised to see trout rising down near the jetty. But it wasn’t just there, a massive hatch of small black chironomids with grey wings was occurring all over the reservoir and the were loads of trout feeding on them. If is wasn’t for the lack of leaves on the trees and the cold breeze, you would have thought it was June! Six anglers took to the boats, they all fished a 6 hour session and were off the water by 4pm. They had 39 trout between them. The most successful boat was Derek Moore and Felicity Appleton who used a variety of lures to catch 22 trout between them from all over the Northern end of the reservoir. Well done guys.
We had just one bank angler on Wednesday. Ken Whiteside fished around Bell Point and Hartley’s Bank on a 5-hour ticket to land a total of twelve fish. A of which took his home tied UDF pattern. |Ken commented that he had lots of interest as well.
Today (Thursday) has been by far the windiest day of the week. The forecast kept all but the hardiest of anglers away. Lee Torley however was not perturbed he steered his boat north and headed out for a half day session. He was rewarded too with eight fish to the net. He fished FABs over Phil’s Flats to build his bag. Well done Lee. Andy Hargreaves also battled the windy conditions at Bell Point to tempt two nice rainbows. Tight Lines Ben

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