Stocks March 2nd to March 14th

DATE:                                 March 2nd -March 14th
REPORT AUTHOR             Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:        18 fish for Andy Cooper, 12 fish for Rick Nuttall  & 11 fish for Colin Fitzjohn
BEST RNB:                         7lb Colin Fitzjohn & 6lbs Colin Fitzjohn
BEST BROWN:                   N/a
ROD AV:                             4.0 fish per man
Sport: My apologies for the lack of the reports for the last 11 days, but the extremely wet and windy conditions have kept almost everyone away. Paul and I have been getting plenty of bailing practice in though!!
It looks as though good weather is due to return at the beginning of next week, so here is a summary of the last ten days or so.
Towards the beginning of March, just before the weather turned, Andy Cooper and Rick Nuttall had a cracking day from the boat down at the Northern Shallows. They landed 32 trout between them on Dawson’s olive nomads and cats whiskers fished on long sink tips. They had rainbows up to 5lbs and found that a slow steady retrieve produced the most action.
On the same day Pete Greenalgh took five rainbows to 3lbs on at black n green fritz fished in Hollins Bay.
Then the weather changed, and angler numbers dropped off sharply. We have only had a handful of boats out over the last ten days as many days it hasn’t been safe to let them out. Those that did venture out only managed short sessions.
Duncan Watson had six fish from Phil’s Flats on a black and green gold head and John Sykes managed a good half day during a lull in the wind. John took six fish on boobies fished on Di5 sinking line. He caught fish along the Northern Shallows to the Causeway.
On Sunday we saw the Nomads take out 5 boats between them. No sooner had they got out and fishing when the conditions deteriorated into a blizzard with high winds. All of them were back on the jetty by lunch time and they decided admit defeat and to try again when the weather improves. I think their top angler was Steve Gildart with four fish, which is not bad considering.
On the shore, a few anglers have ventured out on the better days with varying degrees of success.
On the 9th it was great to see Myfanwy from Wales with his fishing buddies. He was top rod in tough conditions with six fish all caught on an orange fritz nomad. Well done Myfanwy.
One angler that deserves a mention is Colin Fitzjohn. Colin has visited Stocks three time this week and fished despite the wind and rain. Over his three visits he caught nine, eleven and nine trout respectively and today, amongst his nine fish catch were a 7lb rainbow and a 6lb rainbow. Colin has caught all his fish washing lining diawl bachs on a floater with either a booby on the point or a buoyant dry. Colin cast out down in Hollins Bay, stripped back a couple of times to get rid of any slack, then retrieved as slowly as he possibly could. Good angling Colin
It looks as though the good weather is due to return on Monday, so I am sure the angler numbers and regular reports will be back to normal. Tight Lines Ben

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