Stocks Reservoir re-opens on Saturday February 23rd
Stocks Reservoir will be fully restocked with 4000 fighting fit rainbows and reopen for business on Saturday February 23rd. The rainbows are in fantastic condition and amongst them will be some cracking specimens that, if hooked, will run you ragged. We are also releasing more prize fugitive trout than ever before. These prize fish carry bounties on their heads and can earn their captors very generous rewards!
Open Day Tactics: Obviously the best tactics will be determined by the conditions on the day, however we can make some general presumptions. The trout will not be line shy so you can afford to fish with relatively strong leader material. This will be useful as cold water is rich in dissolved oxygen and even a kilo fish with full fins can be very feisty when hooked, never mind one of our big specimen fish. Successful fly patterns can vary considerably, but lures will usually produce the goods. Some of the best open day patterns have been: Black + Green or White + Green Snakes, Cat’s or black tadpoles, Sunburst Humongous, Viva Nomads, two tone blobs and pearly or viva cormorants. Select a couple of likely patterns, then vary your retrieve and depth until you start getting action. If you are fishing from the shore, fish your flies right into the margins, slowly lifting your rod at the end of your retrieve to induce the take. The trout will often take your fly just a few feet from the bank. If you are fishing from a boat, then its best to stick to shallow water (less than 10ft in depth). Cast in amongst the submerged trees and include pauses during your retrieve. A lengthy hang at the end of the retrieve can be very productive indeed. A full range of likely patterns will be available from the lodge. Tight Lines.
Booking a Boat: Stocks Reservoir’s opening weekend is coming soon on February 23rd and 24th. We do have boats available on both days. It is first come first served so don’t delay! Either message me on messenger or call Stocks on: 01200 446602 or 07896000939 with your name, and a contact number to reserve your boat. I will confirm your booking. Tight Lines Ben


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