Wednesday September 5th – Saturday September 8th

The fishing has really ‘gone up a gear’ on Stocks over the last few days.
On Wednesday John Sykes caught ten trout whilst drifting along the Northern Shallows with a Di 5 line, a back n green tadpole on the point and a damsel on the dropper.
Fishing open water across Newclose Bay, Colin Fitzjohn successfully tempted six trout to dries.
The top rod from the shore was Richard Wincer who caught nine rainbows on a damsel and dancer booby fished on a floater.
On Thursday the good sport continued. Ricky Newbolt had eight trout from along the buoy line on an intermediate line and a black n green lure. Fishing a similar method with very similar flies in Newclose Bay were John Legg and Craig Whittaker. They had eighteen fish between them.
Neil Heath proved that dries were still working with 7 trout taken from open water near Willow.
On Friday Neil Heath and Jamie Presho had a busy day with sixteen rainbows between them. They fished the Northern end of the reservoir with floating lines and Lures.
In Newclose Bay Stewart McCaughey caught twelve trout. He also fished on a floating line with a blob on the point and diawls on the droppers. Stewart’s boat partner Geoff Hall had a monster brownie amongst his fish (see pic below).
Antoon Gysbers had 4 trout during a short session off Hollins point.
Today we are holding the Stocks Pairs, it’s still fishing well we have just had our 7th pair in with a ten fish limit. Report to follow.

Stewart McCaghey holding Geoff Hall's 10+ brownie.

Stewart McCaghey holding Geoff Hall’s 10+ brownie.

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