Stocks:Tuesday 4th September.

Sport: There are still plenty of trout being caught with the northern end of the lake best from the boats and from Hollins round to Bell point best from the bank. The best boat catch over the last couple of days was taken by Colin Riley who headed off to the northern end where he found good numbers of trout in Newclose bay. Colin had lots of follows on both sparkler and black and green booby on a di3 stripped ultra fast across the surface but it was only when he changed to a fast roly poly retrieve that the trout started to get hold of his flies. The biggest fish over the same period was also caught by Colin with a mint 6lb brown trout. Black and green patterns and damsels have been by far the best colours for consistent Jamie Presho who once again took the best bank catch today. Jamie found lots of action fishing from Bell point with damsels and cormorants. There were a lot of fish rising today with daddys, buzzers and dung flies on the water in abundance. Always good to see so many fish feeding on the surface. Syotw Paul.

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