Stocks:Monday 13th to Thursday 16th August.

From the Shore: Terry Overy who fished over the deeper water at Hollins Point caught five trout on a variety of different coloured lures. Another bank angler to get amongst the trout was Bruce Irvine who caught 4 fish in just a couple of hours. Bruce headed over to Halsteads hike over on the east bank where he put his sunken daddy and black lead head to good use.

From the Boats: Bob Fitzpatrick had an action packed couple of hours afloat on Tuesday landing 4 fish, dropping others and rising plenty to his orange and red dry flies. The best area for Bob was up by the dam from the tower down along ten acre foot. Yesterday Derek Moore landed a total of 7 trout whilst drifting along the east bank and into barn quarry. Derek caught 4 of his fish on a black snake with the other 3 falling to dry flies. Also out yesterday and landing 8 fish was Gwyneth Mooney who found her trout along the east bank. Gwyneth opted for a washing line set up consisting of a midge tip line, booby on the point, diawl in the middle and a hopper on the top dropper with the trout preferring the flies pulled. This coming Sunday we have the boat masters competition. Anyone wishing to enter please call the fishing lodge and we can book you in. Syotw Paul.

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