Stocks:3rd-7th August.

Sport: The cloud cover has once again dictated the best method, either deep with sinking lines and big dark coloured lures in the sunshine or much higher in the water on buzzers, nymphs and dry flies under cloud. Ron Melling had a good half day catching on his favourite hoppers right in the surface with claret and amber being the best colour. Ron saw plenty of surface activity with the main basin being his best area. Jamie Presho fished to the conditions catching this morning on a di5 sinking line and black snake before a switch to an orange daddy this afternoon. Jamie caught all his fish in the main basin out from the jetty. Brian Seers had plenty of action fishing bang in the middle of the dam arm. Brian landed 7 fish and hooked and lost a good number more. Brian found the trout lying deeper in the water so opted for a di3 and black snake set up. Tom Elliot fished all around the dam wall and found a switch to a midge tip line and a team of black buzzers just what the trout were looking for. Another angler to catch his trout on a team of buzzers was Steve Fairbourn who also found his best spot to be along the dam wall. It is good to see a few different methods working but keep an eye in the sky, sunny deep, cloudy high in the water. Syotw Paul.

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