Wednesday August 1st to Friday August 3rd

Stocks has continued to fish well over the last three days with the exception of Wednesday morning, during which the bright sunshine made the trout much more difficult to catch.
There has been quite a few different patterns used to catch as conditions have been quite variable.
On Wednesday afternoon, when we got the cloud cover, the bank started to fish really well between the jetty and Bell Point.
David Jaques landed six rainbows up to 3lbs stroking back an invicta just below the surface on a floater. David fished between the jetty and Barn Quarry and said that another dozen pulled his line but didn’t stick.
Towards Bell Point Tim Taylor also had six rainbows to 3lbs, however this time they fell to soldier palmers and diawl bachs.
Richard Wincer was fishing nearby. He landed five trout on hare’s ears and amongst them was a lovely 5lb 8oz brownie that ran him on a merry dance before succumbing to the net. See picture below.
Out on the boats Gavin Murray was the top rod with five trout all taken on dry hoppers and daddies. I think this was because his grandson Mathew Bracewell had been out the day before and sussed out the method for him. (see pic below) Well done fellers.
Stuart Halford and his boat partner Ben had seven to their boat on black and red dries whilst drifting up the dam arm, and Mark Chippendale had four on dry daddies from Grindy’s Lawn.
We were quiet on Thursday but the top rod was David Banks who landed six trout along Hartley’s Bank. David caught all his fish on a green pea fished on a floating line. Bob Fitzpatrick and Steve Bland had seven trout between them all of which came to dries.
Today lures have proven to be the most successful method. The top rod so far is Ilse of Man angler Graham Norman with six good fish to 3lbs 8oz on tequila blobs fished back on a medium sinker (Di3). Ricki Newbolt took four fish on white snakes fished on a floater.
On the shore Brian Jarvis took three rainbows from two trees on a pink humongous fished on a floater. I still have a few anglers out so if there are any big catches I will include them next time. Tight Lines Ben

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