Thursday July 12th

On Thursday we held the second day of the Anglers World Fly Fishing Championship. On this day however we were only allowed to use floating lines. This was bound to be tricky as the match the day before was won on a Di5 counted down and twiddled back.
So many anglers opted for a long leader with buzzers or diawl bach to get down.
I had a great day out Dilwyn Parry and I managed to catch a few fish as well. I found a method after lunch which was a small two tone blob on the point, with red holo diawls on the dropper. The later had caught Dilwyn his fish the day before. After casting out we allowed our flies to sink down before giving two long strips then fishing static. This process was repeated until we lifted out flies back up the boat. The takes were savage and nearly always came after the strips when our flies were left static in the water. We both could’ve/should’ve had a few more but it was great fun.
Ian Gaskell fished static red holo diawls too and different two tone blob to me and he caught well too. Fish were caught at the Dam and over deep water from The Dam neck, out over the main basin towards Blackhouse and Ben’s Beach.
There were quite a few fish rising but most anglers remained fishing subsurface. However a few fish were taken on dries.
The rod average was down on Wednesday’s any line day from 4.75 to 2.90, The top 10 results are shown below. Tight Lines Ben

Place         Anglers              No. Fish   Best Fish   Bag Weight   Bonus   Total Weight
1st      BEN DOBSON              6             2lb 01           6lb 15           4lb          10lb 15
2nd     IAN GASKELL               6             1lb 12           6lb 04           4lb          10lb 04
3rd     DIONE ROBERTS          4             2lb 04           7lb 07           0               7lb 07
4th     BOB FITZPATRICK        4             2lb 03           7lb 00           0               7lb 00
5th     GERALLT HUGHES       3             1lb 13           5lb 00           0               5lb 00
6th     IAN MUIR                      3             1lb 13           4lb 14           0                4lb 14
7th     GYWNETH MOONEY   3             1lb 14           4lb 13           0                4lb 13
8th     DEREK MOORE             2             2lb 01          4lb 01            0               4lb 01
9th     GAVIN MURRAY           2              2lb 03          3lb 12           0                3lb 12
10th   TONY NEWALL             2              1lb 14          3lb 06           0                3lb 06

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