Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th of May

DATE: Wednesday May 16th & Thursday May 17th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 12 trout for Matt Turner
NOTABLE BAG: 5 fish for 14lbs 8oz Tom Fryer
BEST RNB: 7lb 8oz John Rowe, 6lbs 8oz Tom Fryer, 6lbs Andrew Overend, 5lb 8oz Roy Duckworth.
BEST BROWN: Lots of wild fish
BANK ROD AV: 4.3 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 4.09 fish per angler
Sport: Wednesday: It was great to Sir Bob Cooper and fellow members of the EDF on the water. They had a friendly competition between themselves for the best basket of four fish. Bob Cooper topped the leader board with Stuart Wardle following closely behind. I am not sure of the final weights. Their sponsor Andrew (pictured back left on the photo) did extremely well on his first fly fishing venture. He landed three good fish on his ‘hand me down’ fly rod. Good angling fellers.
Also afloat were Derek Moore and Dave, they found fish close into the East Bank around Blackhouse Bay. Derek took six on dries and Dave caught his on a mix of lures.
Neil Heath had a good afternoon with six trout on a white Classic FM. He had numerous other follows and pulls that didn’t quite materialise into trout in the net.
On the shore Andrew Overend had six rainbows, the best of which was a good fish of 6lbs. Andrew caught his fish on a Black Cormorant fished on a floating line. His best area was Two Trees.
The best catch of the day fell to Matt Turner who landed twelve rainbows whilst fishing near Bell Point. Matt used a floating line with a damsel on the point and hare’s ears on the droppers. Well Done Matt.
Thursday: Tom Fryer had a good day today landing 5 fish with his biggest weighing in at 6lb 8oz. Tom fished from Bell point and caught his fish on an orange booby on a sinking line. Also landing 6 fish from this area was Tony Taylor. Tony took his fish on cormorants on a floater, Gerry Malone took a walk over to the alders on the east bank and was rewarded with 5 trout. A damsel on a floating line took his fish. Roy Duckworth caught his 6 fish next to the jetty with the biggest weighing 5lb 8oz with a damsel once again being his best pattern. John Rowe who is staying in the apartment fished the dam and Grindys lawn to catch his trout the biggest of which weighed 7lb 8oz. A black and silver mini lure was the best fly for John. The top boat pairing today was Bob Fitzpatrick and Steve Bland with an impressive 22 trout to their boat. Steve and Bob found fish all over the northern end of the lake and caught the majority of their fish on washing lined diawl bach. Syotw Paul.

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