Wednesday May 9th

DATE:                                Wednesday May 9th
REPORT AUTHOR           Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:      27 trout for David Manning
NOTABLE BAG:               3 fish for 15lbs 14oz Roy Duckworth
BEST RNB:                       8lbs 6oz Roy Duckworth. 8lbs Matt Turner
BANK ROD AV:               3.60 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:               7.86 fish per angler
Sport: The best catch of the day fell to boat angler David Manning with twenty seven trout to his net. David caught at Gull Island in the morning then had a real purple patch in the afternoon at Curry’s Cast. His favoured method was washing lining on an SSi line.
Fishing on the drift was John Sykes, He had ten trout to 4lbs from around Willow Island and the Northern Shallows. John also used and SSi line, this time with blobs and cormorants.
From the shore we may not have had the big numbers but we did have the quality. Top rod was Roy Duckworth with six trout and his bag included to cracking rainbows of 8lbs 6oz and 5lbs 8oz. Good angling Roy.
Matt Taylor also caught a big rainbow from a similar area as Roy. See pics below.
Tight Lines Ben

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