Friday 13th April

DATE: Friday 13th April
NOTABLE CATCHES: 10 trout for Peter Andrews
NOTABLE BAG: 2 fish for 18lb Anton Gysbers
BEST RNB: 12lb Anton Gysbers
BANK ROD AV: 3.00 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 4.44 fish per angler
Sport: The good sport continues at stocks. We will start with Friday club regular Anton Gysbers who did his usual stroll up to bens Beach and fished his way back and though only caught two fish today they did tip the scales and at a very impressive 18lb with a good 12lb fish as one of them. Anton fish a floating line with a cracton nymph taking the 6lber and a mini cat taking the big fish. The top rod on the bank is an unnamed angler as he forgot to write his name on the ticket but he did have a good days fishing with 5 fish returned from Bens Beach all on buzzers. The best of the sport has definitely been from the boats with some good catches. John Sykes and Chris Webster had 6 fish to the boat including a double there most successful flies were a black snake and a booby. Also doing well with a cat booby was Bob Fitzpatrick who along with his boat partner Steve Bland caught and released 8 fish with two fish around the 7lb mark. The top Honours today though go to Peter Andrews and Andrew Bentley who found Buzzers fished on a washing line whilst anchored the best way to solve the puzzle and finished the day with 17 fish to the boat top angling gents. The warmer weather looks set to continue and that can only be good for the fishing. See you out there Pete

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