Stocks:Monday 9th April.

Sport: There were some good catches made again today and a number of fish weighing 4lb+. On the bank today was Roger Smith who landed 5 rainbows. Roger caught all his fish on a floating line and cats whisker with 2 trees being his best spot. Also landing 5 rainbows was David Jones who caught his fish from Hartleys bank. Davids best tactic was a black and green lure on an intermediate line. Tony Taylor fished around Bell point to land his 8 fish. Tony caught the majority of his fish on a cat booby on either a sinking or midge tip line. Steve Carter had a super day afloat landing 10 trout. The best spot for Steve was around willow isle with buzzers and bloodworm on a floating line his best tactic. Another boat to get amongst the trout were Gary Allen and Peter Taylor with over 20 fish between them. They caught all along the northern shallows with nymphs fished slowly on intermediate lines.The biggest trout caught today was an 11lb rainbow caught by Bob Fitzpatrick. Bobs big fish fell to an olive buzzer close to the shore at blackhouse bay. There is another boat from yesterday that gets a shout. Derek Moore and Felicity Appleton both landed 6 fish each. They caught in the northern shallows, Gull isle and the causeway finding the trout close to the bank where greebs were feeding. Derek opted for a fast glass sinking line with Felicity on a sink tip with the best patterns being green pea, cormorants and olive damsels. Syotw Paul.

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