Monday February 26th

DATE:                                Monday February 26th
REPORT AUTHOR            Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:       11 trout for Steven Lobb & 10 trout for Ken Whiteside
NOTABLE BAG:                3 fish for 9lbs Steve Rhodes
BEST RNB:                        5lbs for Steve Rhodes, Steven Lobb & Robert Bland
BANK ROD AV:                4.20 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                7.50 fish per angler
Sport: Ken Whiteside fished his way back from Bell Point over a half day this morning. Ken fished a floating line with an orange UDF fly. He landed ten trout and dropped a few more. Ken found that his catch rate increased significantly when he speeded up his retrieve kept his flies a bit higher in the water.
Fishing near two trees and the Jetty was Steve Rhodes and Francis Dine. They fished intermediate lines with hot head damsels and crunchers. Steve took five good fish to 5lbs and lost their big sister! He put three fish on the scales for 9lbs.
Just the one boat out today. Steven Lobb and Robert Bland ventured out this morning and after an unproductive tour of the reservoir first thing, they settled down near the causeway. They fished intermediate and sink tip lines with white snakes casting close into the shore. It wasn’t long before they were getting takes and a few good sized fish were coming to the boat. Three of Steven’s first five were over 4lbs! They then moved towards the bend at the beginning of the Northern Shallows and picked up a few more, but their hottest spot was in Cook’s Creek where they had a mad half hour with lots of pulls and follows. They finished the day with 15 trout to boat and both had fish to 5lbs. Well done fellers.
Tight Lines Ben

Nigel Dodd caught this cracking 9lb fish from ben's Beach on Saturday. One of his 12 fish haul. Good angling!

Nigel Dodd caught this cracking 9lb fish from ben’s Beach on Saturday. One of his 12 fish haul. Good angling!

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