stocks: Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd September.

Sport: There were a couple of catches this weekend that are worth a mention. On Saturday the top catch went to Bernard McBride. Included in his catch were a couple of belting rainbows weighing 5lb and 6lb. Bernard caught his fish around willow island and the northern shallows with cormorants and sparkler boobys on a fast glass sinking line being his best tactic. On Sunday the top catch was also taken from the same areas. Matt Eastham caught all his fish on the same fly, a Bibio hopper and as well as fish landed had other chances. Dry flies were also the best for other anglers with daddys, hoppers and bits being the best patterns. This morning i have seen numbers of trout charging into the minnow shoals around the jetty. Minnow imitations, sparklers or diawl bach might be worth a try for these fry feeders. Syotw. Paul.