Stocks: 26th August-1st September.

Sport: The changeable weather conditions we have seen over the last week has made the trout a little picky. Even in the hot, bright and at times breezy conditions imitative patterns have taken the majority of fish caught. Whenever the breeze drops or there is any cloud cover the fish are quick to rise. Dave Morris took advantage of one of these windows of opportunity and quickly changed to dry flies for instant success when good numbers of trout went on the feed near willow island. J Cottam bank fished all along the east bank to catch his trout. After noticing a good number of alder flies on the water a switch to a Connemara black accounted for all his fish. Rob Shelton and Kevin Smith had a good half day with fish caught and a number of other chances. They stuck with daddys and hoppers even in the sunny and windy weather, with most of the action being found along the east bank from the spillway along to ten acre foot. Syotw Paul.