Tuesday 22nd August

DATE: Tuesday 22nd August
NOTABLE CATCHES: 15 trout each Max Szucho and Harvey Forbes, 13 trout for Bob Fitzpatrick, 9 trout for Ron Melling
NOTABLE BAG: 3 fish for 8lb 8oz
BEST RNB: Several at 3lb
BEST BROWN: 3lb Dave Pope
BANK ROD AV: 1.8 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 8.86 fish per angler
Sport: Looks like stocks is back on form with fish moving out in open water as well as in the margins. This has been helped by a cooling in the weather and good falls of heather flies, daddies and small flying ants. On the bank the anglers have found it a little bit trickier with a lot of fish out in open water. Regular Andy Galbraith had 4 fish from the alders on dries. Also on the bank Gerry Brewer had 2 fish on nymphs but also lost another 3 on daddies. Out on the boats the fishing has been much better, season ticket holder Ron Melling drifted the margins and caught 9 trout on dries. Also on the boats stocks resident Bob Fitzpatrick finished a short day with 14 fish all to dries from the northern shallows. Max Zsucho and his grandson who are staying the upstairs apartment carried on from where they left off yesterday with a better even score of around 30 fish to the boat there best tactic was static nymphs or dries. Good angling guys, see you out there Pete