Tuesday 8th August

DATE: Tuesday 8th August
NOTABLE CATCHES: 4 trout for Bob Fitzpatrick and Ricky Newbolt
BEST RNB: 6lb Mr Singleton
BEST BROWN: 2lb 8oz David Roberts
BANK ROD AV: 1.33 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 2.67 fish per angler
Sport: A marked improvement in the sport today with no blanks. Maybe all the water that has come has just cooled the water enough to make it a bit more pleasant for the trout. On the bank season ticket holder David Roberts finished the day with 2 fish including a lovely brownie of 2lb 8oz. David caught his fish on a multitude of methods including anything from lures to dries and commented on the fact he had lots more action and lost a few too boot. Out on the boats regular Ricky Newbolt had 4 fish all in the afternoon. Ricky came in at lunch and asked for some white snakes as another angler had been catching on them, he then went back out and landed 4 fish on said fly. The angler who was also catching on white snakes was Mark Chippendale who landed 2 fish from Willow Island on a white snake. The other top rod of the day with 4 fish was Bob Fitzpatrick who fished his 12ft slow inter tip to good effect with cormorants on. Bob caught from all over the reservoir on his tour. Bob never repeats a drift and is always on the move a great tactic s your always covering fresh fish. See you out there Pete