Stocks: Sunday June 28th

Date:    Sunday            June 28th
Report Author:           Ben
Best Catch:                   8 fish for Nick Halstead
Heaviest Bag:              4 fish for 10lbs 2oz Carl Nixon
Best Rainbow:            3lbs 7oz Carl Nixon
Best Brownie:            3lbs Dave Lamb
Bank Rod Av:            2.7 fish per man
Boat Rod Av:             2.9 fish per man
Sport:                To Follow shortly

The table below shows the results to 11th place for the Northwest Odds n Sods that was held on Stocks this weekend. We are not sure just how many grand final places will be allocated to the Northwest region so we don’t know just where the cut off point will be. I would like to wish the best of luck to all those that make it to the final, I hope that you go all the way to the 2010 England Team. Ben

Name:                       Sat Rank    Sun Rank    Total    Place
Carl Nixon                     1st            6th               7           1st
Ian Greenwood           3rd           4th               7           2nd
John Calvert                4th            5th              9            3rd
Paul Davison                9th            2nd             11          4th
Stephen Bland             2nd          10th            12          5th
Paul Bebb                      6th            7th              13          6th
Nick Halstead             16th           1st               17          7th
Rob Denson                 7th           13th              20         8th
Ian Gaskell                  10th          12th              22         9th
Mark Howard            15th            8th               23       10th
Bob Fitzpatrick           8th          15th               23       11th

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