Saturday & Sunday 17th &18th June

DATE: Saturday & Sunday 17th& 18th June.
NOTABLE CATCHES: 12 trout for Ian Gaskell, 8 trout for Darren Booth & Pete Scholes
NOTABLE BAG: 4 fish for 17lbs 12oz Ben Dobson
BEST RNB: 11lbs & 9lbs 7oz for Ben Dobson, 10lbs 1oz Pete Scholes, 9lbs for Nick Donald
BEST BROWN: Several over 2lbs
BANK ROD AV: 2.33 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV: 3.0 fish per angler.
Sport: This weekend Stocks has hosted the 2 day England eliminator with 16 anglers hoping to qualify for the national final in September at Rutland water with all anglers hoping to finish in the top 5 qualifying places. The cloud cover on Saturday morning was the time to make an impact with the top anglers on this day all taking advantage of this crucial time. Today saw wall to wall sunshine and high temperatures and the anglers who came through today opted for their preferred method and stuck to it. The trout did not want to chase the flies so a slow figure of 8 retrieve or static was the best. As for flies there have been fish caught on dries, nymphs, lures and everything in between. Thanks to all the anglers who continue to support us and see you all again soon. Syotw Paul.
The results after day 1 were
1st Ian Gaskell
2nd Darren Booth
3rd Chris Micallef
4th Derek Moore
5th Ben Dobson
6th Bob Fitzpatrick
7th Lee Cartmell

The final results are as follows:
1st Ian Gaskell: 4 points
2nd Ben Dobson 7 points (pre-qualifier)
3rd Pete Scholes 10 points (pre-qualifier)
4th Bob Fitzpatrick 10 points
5th Derek Moore 11points
6th Lee Cartmell 13points
7th Chris Micallef 15 points