Sunday 4th June

DATE: Sunday 4th June
NOTABLE CATCHES: 11 trout for James Gallagher
BEST RNB: 13lb James Gallagher , 10lb Arthur Donaghy
BANK ROD AV: 5.33 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 2.50 fish per angler
Sport: Another bright windy day made for some really tricky conditions but fish were caught and some anglers cracked the code. On the bank James Gallagher struggled in the morning but switched location and tactics and landed 11 trout in the afternoon from Grindys Lawn included a leviathan of over 13lb. James best tactic was fishing a white rabbit lure 6ft under an indicator. Also on the bank Mr Richards caught and released 5 trout from all around the west bank on Montana lures. On the boats things were definitely trickier but the travelling group of anglers staying upstairs in the holiday apartment found fish and had 20 fish between them mainly on black hoppers twiddled just sub surface on midge tips lines and Arthur Donaghy had a lovely double figure fish at 10lb. See you out there Pete