Wednesday May 17th

DATE:                           Wednesday May 17th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 19 trout for
NOTABLE BAG:          5 fish for 13lbs for Phil Coulthard
BEST RNB:                 10lbs 8oz George Ashton, 9lbs 8oz Richie Kelly & 8lbs 4oz Derek Moore
BEST BLUE:                3lbs 12oz for Phil Coulthard
BANK ROD AV:          3.72 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:          5.87 fish per angler
Sport: Rob Flume was the top rod today with 19 trout to his boat to 3lbs. Rob fished whilst anchored along the causeway to the northern shallows. The vast majority of his fish came to Diawl Bachs whilst fishing them on the washing line on a floater. Good angling Rob
Bob Fitzpatrick found the trout willing to chase over open water with thirteen fish tempted to cormorants and boobies. His best area was Newclose Bay.
Phil Coulthard and Barry Hunter were also afloat today. They too found the fish from the Causeway to the Northern Shallows landing seventeen between them. Phil’s eleven fish haul included a cracker of around 9lbs. They fished floating lines with Diawl bach and boobies. Phil I think you left your fly box in the boat so give the fishery a call and we’ll get it to you.
Today was a ‘Mid-week drifter’s day’ and nine anglers took part. The heaviest brace of fish was put on the scale by George Ashton and weighed 12lbs 12oz. Helped by a rainbow of 10lbs 8oz. George caught another double figure trout next cast in Newclose Bay but returned it to fight another day. George ended up with eleven trout not bad for just over 4hrs fishing!
The Derek Moore also caught two big fish in two consecutive casts. He too returned one and put one on the scales that tipped them to 8lbs 4oz. Derek bag of two went to 10lbs 8oz. Richie Kelly also had a fish of 9lbs 8oz so it was big fish city again! To top it all Felicity Appleton caught a fugitive tagged trout that earned her a bounty of a £100 tackle voucher. So it was a pretty successful Mid-Week Drifters! Their best areas were Newclose Bay and the East bank. They found the trout high in the water taking boobies, dabblers, cats and diawls.
The mid week drifters days are held once every fortnight on a Wednesday, so the next one is on Wednesday May 31st. Its great value for money it costs just £30 for the day and that includes your boat, your two fish ticket and food when you return! We fish between 10am and 4pm. Just call the lodge if would like to come along.
There were some great catches from the shore as well. Roger Smith had ten trout to 4lbs 4oz from Bell Point on apps bloodworm. Roger used an intermediate line and said that he had plenty of other knocks.
Peter Murphy took seven fish to 3lbs 8oz from Bell Point on fabs fished on an intermediate line.
Mike Horton also had seven fish from the same area on damsels fished on an intermediate line. There were several other good catches by anglers fishing the shore. Hollins and the Dam were also productive areas. Tight Lines Ben

The mid week drifters had a great day float. They had five trout over 8lbs, a tagged fish and caught 42 trout between them. The next mid-week drifters is Wednesday May 29th. Anyone can come along and take part.

The mid week drifters had a great day afloat. They had five trout over 8lbs, a tagged fish and caught 42 trout between them. The next mid-week drifters is Wednesday May 29th. Anyone can come along and take part, I can well recomend it.