Tuesday 16th May

DATE: Friday 16th May
NOTABLE CATCHES: 9 trout for Derek Moore
BEST RNB: Several around 3lb
BANK ROD AV: 2 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 3.12 fish per angler
Sport: Another wet morning at stocks but to honest we could do with a bit of the wet stuff so no complaints here. The bank was a little quiet today but regular Jeff Day fished boobies to catch two fish. The boats in contrast were quite busy. Steve Cheetham and his merry band of anglers visited us today and fished the boats the ten of them caught 23 fish with the cat booby figuring high in their top patterns along with a Dawsons Nomad. They found fish in the Northern Shallows and Newclose bay. Top rods today were season ticket holders Derek Moore and Felicity Appleton with 14 fish to the boat both anglers caught well on their home tied UV cormorant with the buoy line, Willow Island and Currys cast featuring well in their catch return.
With less rain and wind tomorrow should be a good day for fishing and don’t forget itzs our fortnightly get together of the mid week drifters.
See you out there Pete