Saturday May 13th

DATE:                            Saturday May 13th
NOTABLE CATCHES: 6 trout for Jose Vallarino, George Ashton, Richie Kelly, Andrew Slater and Brian Hitchen
NOTABLE BAG:   5 trout for 11lbs for JerryLee
BEST RNB:       10+ for Simon Vorley & Richie Kelly, 9lbs 4oz for Chris Smith, 8lbs for Gray Clarke.
BEST BROWN: 5lbs for George Ashton
BANK ROD AV: 3.17 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV: 3.63 fish per angler
Sport: It was a funny old day at Stocks, the big drop in air pressure meant we didn’t see the cricket scores of yesterday, but we did see a load of big fish coming to the fly. I heard of several others that were hooked and lost as well the ones pictured below.
Two boats caught twelve trout today, the first was Jose Vallarino and Andrew Slater their best are was Curry’s cast and they found the trout willing to cats boobies and damsel patterns. They both used floating lines. In the second boat were George Ashton and Richie Kelly. They too used lures to take most of their fish and were frustrated when they came in ver just how many fish they’d played but not landed. They fished south of Gull Island.
Simon Vorley and his brother are staying in our Lake View Apartment during their three day fishing break and what a start they have had! Simon was also using his new Greys Comp Special fly rod for the first time when he caught a double figure fin perfect rainbow with his first cast! He got another fish with his second cast as well. See pictures below.
There were other good catches today: The ever cheerful Brian Stark and the Scottish Power anglers were fishing their annual friendly. Some of these guys had good catches and completed bags of five, but I don’t have the details sorry. I do know that their best basket prize went Chris Smith who landed two trout for over 11lbs, helped by a rainbow of 9lbs 4oz. That meant that the best fish prize went to Gray Clarke who caught a belting 8lb rainbow from willow Island. Great to see you all guys. Don’t drink too much tonight!!
We also had Leeds Fly Dressers visiting us today their best return handed in was 5 fish by Jerry Lee. Safe travels guys. Oh also, whichever of you were in boat 7 today you have left two fly boxes. Call the lodge tomorrow and we will sort them for you.
Colin Riley had a productive half day on the shore with five rainbows and browns. He said that he had a lot of other action as well; follows, nips and pulls that didn’t quite materialise into trout in the net. Colin found Barn Quarry and Hollins bay most productive. He fish the shore as if he was ‘loch styling’ from a boat, stroking the flies back across the surface and then lifting the rod to trial the flies. His best patterns were cat boobies and black and peacock spiders.
Also fishing from the shore was Brian Hitchen. Brian caught six rainbows and browns from the Spillway area of the dam on orange boobies fished on a sinking line. Tight Lines Ben