Saturday 15th April

DATE:                           Saturday 15th April
NOTABLE CATCHES: 8 fish for Mike Laycock, John Henshall and Ritchie Kelly
BEST FISH:                 12lb Bernard McBride
BANK ROD AV:          2.67 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:          7.67 fish per angler
Sport: Its Easter weekend and i guess most of you are with your families but those that did venture out today had reasonably good sport in Challenging conditions. We had squally gusting winds and bright sunshine never a good mix for fly fishing but the boats had the best of the sport. Mike Laycock and John Henshall had 8 fish a piece from the Northern Shallows ona a variety of flies. Also on the boats were regulars George Ashton and Ritchie Kelly who had 15 fish to the boat, they caught all over the reservoir on a mixture of Blobs and Nomads. Lone Angler Bernard McBride had a great day drifting around the Northern End of the reservoir and finished with 7 fish. But included in this was a stunning 12lb Rainbow which put up a hell of struggle but after several arm wrenching runs Bernard finally subdued the Leviathan and released to fight another day. Bernards top fly was a tinhead damsel and willow island was his hot spot. Only on catch report from the bank today Neil Ashworth caught 5 fish from various areas on a mixture of damsel lures, green peas and cormorants his best tactic was to keep on the move if he didt get a fish or a pull in 20 mins he moved on. See you out there Pete