Wednesday & Thursday November 4th & 5th

DATE:                                           Wednesday & Thursday November 4th &5th
REPORT AUTHOR                    Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:               7 fish for Graham Bell, 6 fish for Bob Fitzpatrick
NOTABLE BAG:                         5 fish for 7lbs 15oz Bob Fitzpatrick
BEST RAINBOW:                      2lbs 14oz for Graham Bell
BEST BROWN:                           2lbs 8oz Graham Bell
BEST BLUE:                                2lbs 8oz Bob Fitzpatrick
BANK ROD AV:                           2.20 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                           5.00 fish per angler
Sport: Wednesday: Bob Fitzpatrick and Darren Booth took a boat out to fish their doubles club fish off. They had eight rainbows and blues to the boat fishing the washing line with boobies and nymphs over the saddle and the Northern Shallows. Bob caught six fish but mistakably returned his sixth fish, which was nice blue, so he put five fish on the scales for 7lbs 15oz, somewhat small by Stock standards, but he has set the target for all the other doubles club members.
From the shore the bank anglers were catching on dry hoppers between the jetty and Barn Quarry. Also Shauna Fowler and Brain Wilcock took four rainbows and browns on worm along Hartley’s Bank.
Thursday: Another Doubles club angler Graham Bell tried his luck to topple Bob Fitzpatrick off pole position to win a season ticket for next year. Graham fish over the Northern Shallows and close in around Hollins Bay/ Barn Quarry to catch a total seven fish. Unfortunately for him four of them were brown trout which are now out of season, so he put three rainbows on the scales for 6lbs 15oz. Just to rub the salt into his wounds he lost three more rainbows including a 4lb fish right at the lip of the net! Unlucky Graham.
Felicity Appleton fished nymphs on a floater along the shore from the Jetty to Ben’s beach. She landed four fish including a 2lb+ brownie.
The best patterns have been damsels, hot headed diawl backs, Hoppers and daddies. Tight Lines Ben

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