Tuesday November 3rd

Below is a list of this years ‘Doubles Club’ qualifiers entitled to fish for a 2016 Season Ticket as per Ben’s message posted yesterday. Should your name be missing and you caught a double figure trout at Stocks this season please call the Lodge (01200 446602) for inclusion, Nick.

Stephen Lind
Ben Bayliss
Ryan Mathews
Graham Bell
Bob Fitzpatrick
Pete Whittle
Geoff Cort
Ken Whiteside
Alistair Beaumont
Bernard Mcbride
Liz Fraser
Mark Myers
Phil Burgess
Roy Duckworth
Fred Marsh
Ricki Newbolt
John Sykes
Tom Speak
Mark Howarth
Mr Webb
Dave Hitchen
Keith Pope
Eric Glaister
John Palmer
Mark Tyndall
John Sherlock
David Welsh
Bill Menzies
Bob Mcdonald
Ken Dickson
Phil Green
Jasmes Nixon
Richard Hood
Mark Rose
Alan Daniels
Colin Gibbons
Bernie McDonough
Phil McDonald
Steve Unsworth
Peter Entwhistle
Robbie Finnie
Derek Moore
Darren Booth
Gerry McGloughlin
Ritchie Kelly
Paul Davison
Mark Waddell
Gavin Murray
Steve Bland

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