Friday February 27th

DATE:                                  Friday February 27th
REPORT AUTHOR           Ben
NOTABLE CATCHES:     15 fish for Ryan Mathews
NOTABLE BAG:                5 fish
BEST RAINBOW:             12lbs Ryan Mathews
BEST BROWN:                  N/a
BANK ROD AV:                 7.1 fish per angler
BOAT ROD AV:                 5.0 fish per angler
Sport: I was a quite nice day at Stocks, we started out overcast but it brightened up around lunchtime. There was a lazy wind adding a chill to most of the day but it eventually died away to give a pleasant enough evening.
Out on the boats Ryan Mathews had a great day, he started down at the Dam then across to the east bank. He caught a belting 12lb rainbow off the Alders that fought really well before succumbing to the net. He picked a few more up there before returning to Hollins and Two trees to finish off the day. He caught a total of 15 trout on mix of mini lures and wets fished on a fast intermediate line.
Intermediate lines accounted for almost all the big catches today. Gary Towers had 10 from Hollins on the same with a cats whisker scoring well for him. Gary said that when he speeded up his retrieve to a strip he stopped getting nips at the fly and it started locking up. Gary Mrgan used the same method, line and fly to take 12 trout from Two Trees. Gary commented that most of the fish were taking from under his rod tip. Fred Bateman had 8 fish in short half day session from the same area on bloodworm, but he too caught on an intermediate line.
The one exception was Neil Ashcroft who caught 12 good fish on an olive buzzer. His most productive are was Hollins. Just as Neil moved out to go and fish elsewhere, in stepped Dave Hitchen and he pulled out a tagged fish first cast. Dave won a free full day five fish ticket.
Tight Lines Ben