Stocks:27th and 28th August.

Sport: 27th and 28th August. The weather has been mixed over the last 2 days being very windy yesterday and apart from a bit of a shower this afternoon it has been nice and warm today. There have been some reasonable catches made with the best areas being the dam and off Bell point. Terry Overy caught his 5 fish catch from Bell point on a dog nobbler. Mick Glancey landed 6 fish from the 2 trees area with cormorants on a floating line being his effective tactic. Ian King opted to fish at Grindys lawn and caught his 7 trout in all but a couple of hours. Ian caught all his fish on a muddler pulled through the waves. Today the best catch went to John Sykes with his 8 fish catch. John Fished from Bell point and barn quarry and caught on both diawl bach and daddies on a slow sinking line. Another successful angler today was Terry Wortington who caught 7 fish. He found his fish keen to take a diawl bach near the dam. See you on the water Paul.

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