Stocks: Sunday October 28th

DATE                                    Sunday October 28th Report by Ben Dobson
BEST CATCH                     4 fish for John Hood & Mark Tyndall
BEST BAG                           4 fish for 8lbs 1oz Mark Tyndall
BEST RAINBOW               2lbs 13oz Jim Pickford
BEST BROWN                    1lb 8oz Richard Hood
BEST BLUE                        2lbs 6oz Ian Greenwood
BOAT ROD AVERAGE    1.20 fish per angler (not including browns)
SPORT: Today we hosted the 2012 Rio 4s. Eight teams of four anglers took to the boats to try and become the 2012 champions and to try to grasp the 1st prize of a £700 Guide Fly Fishing tackle voucher. It has to be said it was far from ideal out there today. There was a stiff bitter wind and even relentless rain seemed wetter than usual. The anglers were really hardy and on the whole they were rewarded with a fish or two. Two fishermen caught four trout today, the first was John Hood who took one from Gull Island and three from Curry’s Cast. John fished a Di3 sweep sinker and two humongous patterns one in sunburst and one in white. John has been so consistent this season and recently made the England team. England has found a good man there. The other angler that caught four trout was another consistent rod in Mark Tyndall. Mark caught his fish from around Gull Island on Dawson’s olive patterns and as his fish tipped the scales a little further he took the top individual position. Jim Pickford took three good fish on Cats whiskers and black n green lures. Andy Cooper caught three trout from Hollins Bay on an orange lure and Gavin Murray also took three fish. The fishing was tough today but the fishermen weren’t helped by the seriously adverse conditions. The Team results down to fourth place are shown below.
1st Place: The Cow Pushers (Mark Tyndall, Ian Greenwood, Jim Pickford and Ray Sanders) with 8 trout for 16lbs 13oz winning £700 tackle voucher
2nd Place: The Stocks Badgers (Gavin Murray, Steve Bland, Ritchie Hunter, and Dermot Speight) with 7 trout for 14lbs 5oz winning a £500 tackle voucher
3rd Place: The Barracudas: (Pete Scholes, Richard Hood, John Hood and John Sykes) with 6 trout for 12lbs winning a £320 tackle voucher.
4th = Place were Team Stocks Hybrid (Mike Laycock, Steve Welsh, Bob Fitzpatrick and Graham Steele) and The Stocks Hawks ( Rick Nuttall, Andy Cooper, Billy Thompson and Derek Moore)
Good angling guys and a big thank you goes out to Guide Fly Fishing for their continued support of the fishery. Tight Lines Ben

Ps. Sorry for the lack of photos, we are trying to sort out a glich with the camera.

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