Friday October 26th

A quick update on Stocks: Trout are coming out now from the shore; Tony Taylor took six earlier this week from around Bell Point. Tony has had the best catch this week and he took all of his fish on cormorants fished on a midge tip. There has been plenty of other catches of two’s and threes the best patterns have been:  Minkies, Cormorants, Black Fritz, Black n Green Fritz, Black Nomad, Cats and Orange nomad. We have had very few boats out this week but the best areas have been Willow Island, Gull Island, Hollins to Ben’s Beach and Grindy’s Lawn. The last stockings of the season went in last week and today. Those of you in the Rio 4’s on Sunday the match will run from 9:00am – 4:00pm but remember that the clocks go back on Saturday night so we gain an hour sleep. Also it’s worth noting that from Thursday November 1st you can use spinner and worm on fish tickets.
Ps Put some lovely Tigers in Bank house today as well. Tight Lines Ben

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