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Fishing Reports


DATE:    Sunday 4th March
NOTABLE CATCH:    Steve Bland 6 fish, Warrik Ivel 8 fish, Chris Gibbons 7 fish
NOTABLE BAG    Chris Gibbons 4 fish for 11lb 6oz
BEST RAINBOW:    Peter Garrity 9lb 10oz
BANK ROD AV:    2.00 fish per angler.
BOAT ROD AV:    2.8 fish per angler.
SPORT:  what an unusual day, bright sunshine, heavy snow, rain and hail! Not to mention a changeable wind direction!! As you may well imagine the weather has made things a little trickier than of late. That said Warwick Ivel found 8 good fish keen to snatch his diawl bachs. Warwick fished Bell Point and Hollins and commented that pretty much every fish he hooked was tight to the shoreline.
Steve Bland had a good session with 6 to the boat with the majority of his fish coming from Gull Island. This is one of the first times this season that gull island has produced fish and it’s a real good sign that the fish are starting to move about and migrate over deeper water. Steve found the fish lying a little deeper with the DI3 doing the trick with a really long hang needed. Black and green seemed to be what the fish wanted. Father and son Colin and Chris Gibbons had the best catch of the day to  the boat with 11 fish to the boat, black and green lures seemed to do the trick with intermediate lines. Willow Island seemed to be the best spot along the shallows.
Best fish of the day went to Peter Garrity who tempted a stunning fin perfect rainbow of 9lb 10 oz . Peter got the fish from Bell point on, yep you guessed it BLACK AND GREEN!!
With more settled weather returning that average should start creeping up again.
Tight lines Matthew

One of the finest trout I have seen this year, Peter Garrity's 9lb 10 stunner!

Filed under: Stocks Reservoir Fishing Reports Ben Dobson @ 6:35 pm March 4, 2012

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