EFFA 3rd annual visit

Here is a brief summary of events for the EFFA s visit from Monday 23rd May through to Thursday the 26th.

As always it was an absolute pleasure hosting these gents for the week, the fishing ability and etiquette was second to none and the notion of their return visit next year is great news!

Strong winds on the Monday meant that the boat remained on the jetty and the kettle in the lodge was on full song all morning. With Spirits high we shifted thoughts to the morning’s annual competition against the stocks Bowlanders,
Our regular comp guys.

Tuesday 24th May.
3rd annual competition EFFA against the Stocks Bowlanders

The strong winds remained with us and to say the fishing was tricky would be an understatement! Fish did come to the wet flies however and persistence paid off for the EFFA as the clinched their first victory in enigmatic style beating the Bowlanders 52 fish to 30!
Top methods on the day seemed to be bushy wets pulled back through the wave, Octopus, Clan chiefs and Dabblers all did the trick. Quite often the best spots were the choppiest with the fish right up in the wave.
Best bag weight went to Julian Davies with 16lb 14oz.
Billy Thompson restored a little Bowlander pride with a stunning Rainbow of 10lb 9oz. The series now stands 2-1 in favour of the Bowlanders, roll on next year!!

Wednesday saw similar conditions along with torrential down pours.
This didn’t stop a hardy few who managed fish to the boats on similar methods.

Thursday 26th May
EFFA Competition

The EFFA held their annual match is somewhat horrid conditions however a week long practice in the wet and windy stuff stood them in good stead!
Between them they managed a week high average of 4.2 fish per angler. Best bag and top rod honours went to Julian Davies at 16lb 10 oz. John Mees was hot on his heels in second place with 15lb 14oz. Clinching 3rd spot was Steve Ottridge with 15lb 8oz.
Choice methods remained the same with wets bringing the fish to the net all day long. Success was had by all anglers and again in tough conditions we take our hats off to you all.

Tight lines Matthew.