DATE Saturday 28th May
NOTABLE CATCH: John Hood and Mike Laycock with over 10 fish each.
BEST RAINBOW: 4lb for John Hood
BEST BROWN: 3lb for Phil Davies
BEST BLUE: 4lb for Stanworth
BANK ROD AV: 4.14 per man
BOAT ROD AV: 1.54 per man

SPORT:   Difficult conditions up here at Stocks today, with strong winds, and sun made for difficult days fishing. However despite these tricky conditions there have been a number of good scores from both the bank and the boats. On the bank Phil Davies had a good days sport with 5 fish on the dam he used cat’s whiskers to tempt the fish. Phil also commented on the number of fish he lost on the way to the net. Another good score of the bank came to Mr Stanworth who had 7 fish he again used a cats whisker but this time in Hollins bay. Out on the boats John Hood had a good days sport with over 10 fish to the net, although he kept the information of how and where he caught them to himself as he is up fishing the Stocks Pairs tomorrow. Also with over 10 fish to the net was Mike Laycock , but again he kept the information close to his chest.