Opening Day: Saturday February 26th

Date: Saturday February 26th
Report Author: Ben

Notable Catches: Amazingly 36 anglers caught more than 15 trout today! But the following all had scores that Kevin Pietersen would be proud of: Thomas Graham, D Bell,  Lee  Cowking, Kelvin Graham, Paul Miller, Frank Hartley, Andy Cooper and Phil Green
Heaviest Bag: Tom Nickson from Preston caught 5 trout for 21lbs 1oz
(an un named return claimed to have a bag of 25lbs please contact us)  
Best Rainbow:
Tom Heys returned a 12lb rainbow. The best weighed in was 8lbs 12oz and was caught by John Haliday
Best Brownie: Joan Lindsay caught a stunning 15lb overwintered brownie from Willow Island on a bibio. It was returned to fight another day
Best Blue: 7lbs Tom Nickson
Bank Rod Average 13.3 trout per man
Boat Rod Average 11.4 trout per man
Sport: Wow what difference to last year! There are far too many great stories for me to cover, so I will pick a few and give general overview. The conditions were good despite a north westerly wind. The rain stayed away, we had mixed cloud cover and the trout were in ‘the mood’. From the bank the hot spots were Hollins Bay (fished brilliantly), Bell Point, Two Trees, Davy Jones and The Alders. We also had some good catches from Newclose Bay and here amongst the rainbows some nice over-wintered brownies. From The boats the hot spots were Hollins Bay, The Alders, Curry’s Cast, Willow Island and The Causeway. But we also had fish from Gull Island and Phil’s Flats. Although we had some cricket scores today there are a couple of other catches worth a mention. Joan Lindsay and David McCabe were out with Peter Scholes fishing at Willow Island. They had had a couple of pulls but nothing to the boat then Joan tied a bibio onto the dropper and cast her intermediate line towards Willow Island. She retrieved it back the paused to let it hang, suddenly her rod plunged down and something started stripping line from her hands. After a lengthy fight a huge brown was brought to the surface alongside the boat. It was fin perfect and in fine fettle. Rather than mess it around Pete estimated its weight around 15lbs and it was then Released to fight another day. She was expecting to get amongst the stockies today not to catch an over-wintered fish of a lifetime!
We also had a tagged trout caught today by David Thompson (pictured below). David tempted this beautiful grilse-like 8lb rainbow to damsel in the Northern Shallows and won a SONIK SK4 fly rod. John and Ben Haliday also caught a big fish (pictured below). At 8lb 12oz it w2as the biggest rainbow put on the scales and was tempted to an orange fritz. The heaviest bag was caught by Tom Nickson who used a cats over the Northern shallows to tempt 15 trout. In his bag of 5 was a blue of 7lb a rainbow of 8lb and three more rainbows that tipped the scales to 21lbs 1oz.
Although many patterns caught fish today two methods emerged. One was a floating line with a gold headed lure and a figure of eight retrieve and the other was an intermediate line with unweighted lures and a twitchy retrieve. The best patterns were sunburst lures, dawsons olive, black tadpoles and cats. Tight Lines Ben
Ps. More Pictures to follow.

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